Gippsland Dairy Launches Eco-Friendly Yogurt Range with Reduced Plastic Packaging

  • Jan. 24, 2024
Gippsland Dairy Launches Eco-Friendly Yogurt Range with Reduced Plastic Packaging

In a significant move towards sustainability, Gippsland Dairy, a subsidiary of Chobani Australia, has unveiled a new yogurt packaging design aimed at minimizing plastic usage. The 160gm products now feature packaging that reduces plastic consumption by 44%, aligning with the company's commitment to environmental responsibility.

This initiative reflects Chobani's dedication to meeting the targets set by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (Apco) and the 2025 National Packaging Targets, focusing on the reduction of unnecessary and problematic plastics. Building upon last year's removal of embedded plastic spoons in compliance with Victoria's ban on single-use plastic cutlery, Gippsland Dairy continues its efforts to streamline packaging sustainability.

By eliminating the product's lid, Gippsland Dairy anticipates a reduction of 95,000kg of plastic from its operations by the year's end. Moreover, this shift contributes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with packaging transportation across the supply chain.

Tim Browne, Chobani's GM of ESG & General Counsel, emphasized the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability, recognizing it as a continuous journey requiring concerted effort and innovation. Collaborating closely with industry partners, Chobani aims to pioneer sustainable practices that align with national industry targets.

The new packaging design maintains the familiar appearance of Gippsland Dairy's 160gm pots, incorporating a black band across the top to resemble the original lid. This thoughtful design alteration ensures ease of recognition for consumers while supporting the brand's eco-conscious endeavors.

As Gippsland Dairy introduces its eco-friendly yogurt range, consumers can indulge in their favorite products while contributing to a greener future, one reduced plastic package at a time.