GEA Technology Maintains Vivera's Leadership Position in the Vegan Industry.

  • Jan. 23, 2023
GEA Technology Maintains Vivera's Leadership Position in the Vegan Industry.

The equipment supplied by the food technology company GEA is crucial in assisting a maker of vegetarian and vegan convenience meals to diversify and develop into new markets, serving stores throughout Europe.

Vivera provides a comprehensive variety of vegan and vegetarian items, ranging from imitation meat and fish to veggie burgers and bits. As one of the largest makers of plant-based goods in Europe, it is imperative that the company's provider of processing equipment is both adaptable and completely dependable.

The Dutch business Vivera, founded in 1990, has a solid working connection with GEA, which has been its technology supplier for more than three decades. With its rich Dutch background, the GEA Food Solutions business, formerly known as Convenience Food Systems (CFS), has created a collaboration with Vivera to make high-quality vegetarian and vegan goods. Since then, the cooperation has only grown stronger. Vivera has been provided with equipment for a number of operations throughout the years and is presently evaluating GEA's forming equipment in an effort to create an all GEA-powered manufacturing line.

Erik Tempelman, Process Technologist at Vivera, cites GEA's food processing technology as a crucial component in the company's extraordinary success. Vivera is now one of the top three manufacturers of meat alternatives in Europe and the leading brand in its home country, the Netherlands. Vivera goods are accessible at all major stores in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the majority of Europe, and the firm plans to significantly grow its manufacturing capacity and business over the next five years.

Test before purchasing

The GEA Technology Centre, located in GEA Food Solutions in Bakel, the Netherlands, has also contributed to the success of advancements at Vivera. GEA encourages prospective and current clients to test new goods and equipment at the center prior to making an investment. Through testing, the production of emulsions for use in Vivera's goods, for example, was refined, with Erik remarking, "They helped us test new equipment until we were certain that everything was okay."

Considering the future

Vivera anticipates continuing to take advantage of everything that the GEA Technology Centre has to offer, as it continues to expand and customer demand for a wider variety of vegan and vegetarian goods rises. In addition, current global events and financial cycles are anticipated to significantly disrupt global supply networks. Wheat is used in many of the firm's goods, and if commodity prices increase and supply get interrupted, the company must find other sources. "These new products will all need to be evaluated," Erik added, and GEA offers a wide variety of equipment to fulfill a variety of processing requirements.

Erik Tempelman is very proud of the items produced by his firm. "We provide excellent items, and our consumers are satisfied," he said. "It is my responsibility to ensure that we accomplish this as effectively and with as little waste as possible. GEA assists me with this on a daily basis, and our connection continues to grow."