GEA Introduces Innovative Marination System for Premium-Quality Ham

  • Dec. 15, 2023
GEA Introduces Innovative Marination System for Premium-Quality Ham

GEA, a leading food technology supplier, has introduced an innovative meat tenderizing system known as the GEA MultiCarve. This system optimizes the distribution of brine, enhances sliceability, and reduces slicing losses for ham production. By employing the GEA MultiCarve in the tenderizing process between injection and tumbling stages, food manufacturers can consistently produce succulent ham with high-quality characteristics such as mouthfeel, taste, and texture.

The GEA MultiCarve process involves using bladed rollers on the meat after injection, improving protein extraction, exposing a greater surface area, and releasing tension within the meat. This results in a more succulent texture and a well-bonded product. The system's ability to release tension is particularly beneficial for addressing variations in pork cuts, such as differences in fat-to-meat ratio, grain, and tenderness.

Equipped with rotating knife rollers, the MultiCarve can be adjusted to follow the contours of the meat gently or apply more vigorous rolling for tougher cuts. This process not only improves the meat's characteristics but also reduces the time needed for curing, contributing to increased productivity.

As pork remains a widely consumed meat globally, ham plays a significant role in the market, especially as a popular choice for sandwiches and salads. The GEA MultiCarve system allows food manufacturers to prepare high-quality ham products that balance moisture, succulence, and tenderness, ensuring optimal results in subsequent processing steps like tumbling, forming, cooking, slicing, and packing.

Willem Poos, Product Group Owner for Marination at GEA, highlighted the technology's reliability, speed, and consistent accuracy, emphasizing its role in reducing waste on the slicing line and delivering reliable results in ham and poultry processing.