FLAVORWATCHTM Prevents TAB Growth in Sporting Goods

  • Oct. 18, 2022
FLAVORWATCHTM Prevents TAB Growth in Sporting Goods

In a recent pilot study, FLAVORWATCHTM, the novel botanical formulation that removes Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria (TAB) in clear, fruit-based soft drinks, confirmed its efficacy in sports beverages. Resorcix, a startup, and Gat Foods, Ltd., a leading Israeli manufacturer of fruit-based beverage solutions, introduced a revolutionary solution to the alarming incidence of TAB spoilage. It was demonstrated to be effective in multiple categories of fruit- and non-fruit-containing still energy drinks. Gat Foods will exhibit FLAVORWATCHTM at SIAL, Paris, from October 15-19, 2022, in Drinks Hall 5C, booth #H093.

TAB are nonpathogenic microorganisms belonging to the family Alicyclobacillus. They are known to produce severe off tastes and smells in still RTD drinks and to resist pasteurization. In addition, during processing, all other bacteria are killed, leaving no competition for TAB development and the manufacture of the phenolic chemical guaiacol. TAB outgrowth happens shortly after bottling and significantly effects the quality and organoleptic qualities of drinks. This might result in client complaints and expensive product recalls.

White sediment at the bottom of the bottle or a hazy look may be used to visually identify spoiled TAB. TAB-spoiled beverages may have a flat, sour flavor with a "medicinal," "smoky," or "antiseptic" off-flavor, rendering them unfit for eating.

Since the discovery of TAB in the 1980s, after an epidemic of spoilage in a commercial brand of pasteurized apple juice, TAB deterioration has generally been linked with clear fruit-based drinks. This impression led to the conclusion that the fruit component was the origin of the Alicyclobacillus infection. However, further research on a variety of beverage categories has proven that TAB may grow rapidly in drinks that include no fruit.

Sugar, water, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other components are possible sources of TAB, according to Lior Sinai, PhD, Resorcix's chief technology officer and microbiologist. The good news is that FLAVORWATCH botanical solution is equally effective in non-fruit-based beverages and all sorts of sports drinks.

In a recent pilot study, the researchers gathered a variety of non-carbonated sports and energy drinks from shop shelves. Each product was infected with spores of four distinct strains of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris at a concentration of 1,500 CFU per liter. The drinks were then separated into two batches. The first batch acted as a positive control, whereas the second was treated with FLAVORWATCH. Both batches were subjected to a 30-second pasteurization at 95°C and hot-filling into bottles. Throughout the whole 180-day experiment, the FLAVORWATCH group displayed significant protection against TAB spoilage. After just seven days, the control bottles exhibited symptoms of TAB multiplication.

EFSA and FDA regard FLAVORWATCH to be a natural flavoring since it is derived from a plant resin that destroys Alicyclobacillus germination spores, hence preserving acidic drinks from TAB growth. This protection continues for the duration of the product's shelf life.

According to Hila Bentman, Marketing Manager of Gat Foods, sports drinks and non-carbonated energy drinks are seeing explosive development globally due to their reputation as stylish, refreshing beverages that can promote a healthy and active lifestyle. From high-carb, high-mineral, concentrated isotonic beverages to nootropic, botanical-infused beverages with unique tastes, this category of functional drinks is subject to ongoing innovation to enhance organoleptic and wellness features. However, TAB deterioration may significantly diminish their attraction and the user experience, as well as harm the brand's image. FLAVORWATCH significantly eliminates these risks and provides beverage makers with peace of mind."