Exploring Opportunities for F&B Innovation and Growth: Government Inquiry

  • March 25, 2024
Exploring Opportunities for F&B Innovation and Growth: Government Inquiry

The Australian government is embarking on a significant inquiry aimed at uncovering opportunities to foster growth and innovation within the food and beverage (F&B) manufacturing sector. Led by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Resources, this inquiry invites written submissions from both small and large F&B manufacturers. These submissions are expected to provide insights into their experiences, aspirations, and concerns regarding their businesses. Additionally, the inquiry seeks input from experts in fields such as food science, process engineering, and packaging to enrich the discussion.

Committee chair Rob Mitchell MP highlighted the importance of this inquiry, stating, “Australian scientists and food manufacturers are making significant strides in high-tech emerging sectors and creating new high value-added products leveraging our world-class agricultural sector. Through process innovations, they aim to enhance the taste, safety, cleanliness, and productivity of traditional food and beverages.”

One of the key focuses of this inquiry is on adopting innovative practices that align with sustainability goals. Mitchell further added, “The sector is actively innovating by exploring alternative sources for fossil fuel-based process heat, reducing water consumption and waste, and developing eco-friendly packaging solutions to combat plastic pollution.”

Highlighting the sector's significance, the committee noted that Australia’s food manufacturing industry employs over 20% of all manufacturing workers, indicating its substantial contribution to the economy.

Manufacturers and experts interested in contributing to this inquiry are encouraged to submit their written submissions by the deadline on May 1. This initiative underscores the government's commitment to fostering a thriving and innovative F&B manufacturing industry in Australia.



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