Estonia's Culinary Excellence Takes Center Stage at Gulfood 2024

  • Feb. 23, 2024
Estonia's Culinary Excellence Takes Center Stage at Gulfood 2024

Estonia, represented by Taste Estonia, is poised to leave a lasting impression at Gulfood 2024, with the esteemed presence of Madis Kallas, Estonia's Minister of Regional Affairs. Supported by EU funding, Taste Estonia's participation underscores the nation's dedication to global culinary excellence and sustainability, with 18 leading Estonian companies showcasing their innovative products and services.

Gulfood 2024, held at Dubai World Trade Centre from February 19th to 23rd, provides an ideal platform for Estonia to showcase its advancements in food technology and commitment to sustainability. With the theme 'Pure air. Clean Water. Fresh Food.', Minister Kallas' attendance emphasizes the pivotal role of green innovation and sustainable development in the food industry, aligning with Estonia's tradition of impactful participation in previous editions of Gulfood.

Taste Estonia's stand at Trade Centre Arena, S-G44, promises to be a hive of activity, featuring a diverse array of Estonian companies. From established giants like Le Coq, the oldest and largest drinks manufacturer, to innovative startups like Puljong and Revala, each company epitomizes Estonia's culinary heritage and forward-thinking approach to food production, showcasing a dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

The 18 participating companies span various sectors of Estonia's food and beverage industry, with notable names such as Haage Natural Mineral Water and Iktos offering authentic honey. Valio Eesti highlights Estonia's expertise in dairy production, while Vegestar and YOOK Production showcase the country's advancements in plant-based nutrition and sustainable beverages, with the latter being shortlisted for the 2024 Gulfood Innovation Awards.

Through its robust presence at Gulfood 2024, Estonia aims to cultivate international partnerships, explore new markets, and promote its vision of sustainable and innovative culinary practices. Minister Kallas' participation, alongside the collective showcase of Estonia's leading companies, positions the nation as a dynamic force in the global food industry, poised to address future challenges with sustainable solutions and innovative products.

In recognition of their innovative approaches to healthy and organic food solutions, Revala, Rosena DK, and Must Umami were honored at the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2023, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the food sector.

Taste Estonia embodies the essence of Estonian cuisine, emphasizing purity, sustainability, innovation, health, and exceptional taste. By participating in Gulfood 2024, Taste Estonia continues to lead the charge in introducing the world to Estonia's innovative food products and sustainable culinary solutions.