En Fuego Predicted to Reach New Heights

  • Dec. 8, 2022
En Fuego Predicted to Reach New Heights

It is anticipated that En Fuego will be among the most frequented restaurants on the Palm. The soon-to-be-open South American cuisine will be housed at The Avenues in the area that was previously occupied by Ronda Locatelli. Ronda Locatelli's doors were permanently closed on May 1, 2022.

On Friday, December 9, the doors of En Fuego in Dubai will finally be opened, unveiling the city's newest and most anticipated eating destination. You may anticipate vibrant colors, as well as a ceiling that is adorned with hundreds of artifacts and pieces directly obtained from South America.

The dining area of En Fuego will have booths, tables, bar chairs arranged in a carousel, and a bar counter. With a tented roof designed in the style of a circus and an assortment of ornamental objects that include a vintage huge automobile driving out of the ceiling, neon signs, piatas, llamas, and a chandelier fashioned like the head of a flamingo, it is possible that you may forget that you are still in Dubai.

Daniel Garcia, who was born and raised in Columbia, is the man in charge of the cuisine at En Fuego. He recently got down with Time Out Dubai to discuss how he is working to make En Fuego one of the most genuine South American restaurants in Dubai.

He stated, "I never anticipated that I would work in a place like this in Dubai making my mother's cuisine." He was referring to the restaurant in which he now worked. It is a massive enterprise on a global scale. When I was a kid, I would eat empanadas for lunch, and now I make them at En Fuego. It's like going on a walk down memory lane."

Garca's goal is to make extremely simple dishes, despite the fact that the restaurant is quite lively and noisy. He went on to say that the components were unassuming and unassuming in their appearance. You can eat the food with your hands, the amounts are rather large, and the flavors are straightforwardly South American. I want to demonstrate that Mexico and Peru are not the only countries that make up south America. The cuisine of Columbia makes about sixty percent of the menu. I just cannot wait for everyone else to give it a go."

In addition, the menu includes corn-fed chicken, grass-fed sirloin, and the Asador rotisserie, just to mention a few of the items. The guacamole altar at En Fuego is a one-of-a-kind feature that was designed to resemble a typical sushi bar and has a variety of unique spins on the standard avocado combo.

In terms of live entertainment, you can look forward to seeing people juggling fire, doing tricks with aerial hoops, and defying gravity in the air. En Fuego, which literally means "on fire" in Spanish, is a new show that is going to bring entertainment to a whole new level.