Emirates set to provide world’s largest vertical farm

  • July 19, 2022
Emirates set to provide world’s largest vertical farm

In the recent past, Dubai World Central’s Bustanica, the largest vertical farm in the world, opened close to Al Maktoum International Airport.

The farm, supported by a $40 million investment, is Emirates Crop One’s first indoor vertical farm. Crop One is a pioneer in technology-driven indoor vertical farming, and Emirates Flight Catering and Crop One are partners in the endeavour.

More than a million kilos of pesticide-, herbicide-, and chemical-free leafy greens are expected to be produced at the 330,000 square foot environmentally controlled farm complex each year while using 95% less water than conventional agriculture, saving 250 million litres of water. A daily production of 3,000 kg is produced by the facility, which at any given time will yield over a million cultivars (plants).

To maximise water use and efficiency, the closed-loop system of the hydroponic farm is made to circulate water through the plants. It is collected and recycled back into the system as the water vaporises.

The business claims that Bustanica will have no effect on the world’s vulnerable soil resources, eliminate the need for water, and allow for year-round harvests free from pests and weather-related problems.

Beginning this month, passengers on Emirates and other airlines will be able to taste farm-fresh food onboard their flights. Consumers in the UAE will also soon be able to add these greens to their shopping carts at the nearby supermarkets.

In order for a nation’s economy to flourish, including the UAE, long-term food security and self-sufficiency are essential. This was said by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline and Group. Given the restrictions on arable land and the climate, we face particular difficulties in our area. Bustanica heralds the beginning of a new age of innovation and investments, which are crucial measures for sustainable growth and are in line with our nation’s clear plans for the security of its food and water supply.

He said, “Bustanica helps safeguard our supply chain and guarantees that our clients may enjoy nutritious vegetables produced locally.

CEO of Crop One, Craig Ratajczyk, stated: “This first big format farm is the expression of our dedication to cultivating a sustainable future to fulfil worldwide demand for fresh, local food. This brand-new building serves as an example of what is feasible globally.

Future plans for Bustanica include increasing its production of fruits and vegetables.