Egypt’s Agricultural Exports hit 4.65m Tonnes

  • July 14, 2023
Egypt’s Agricultural Exports hit 4.65m Tonnes

Egypt exported 4.65 million tons of agricultural goods during January through July 2023, up from 3.90 million tons during the same time in 2022 by 717,896 tonnes.

El-Sayed El-Qusair, the minister of agriculture and land reclamation, said in a formal statement that for the first time, Egyptian citrus exports hit 1.90 million tonnes. Citrus, potatoes, fresh onions, pomegranates, garlic, strawberries, beans, guava, tomatoes, and grapes are some of the most significant agricultural exports.

During the last six months, the Arab Republic exported fresh potatoes in an amount of 876,241 tonnes, while onions were exported in an amount of 323,783 tonnes. The minister confirmed that the national economy and the currency reserve are supported by Egyptian agricultural exports.