Dubai's Culinary Scene Heats Up in January: New Restaurants to Savor

  • Jan. 19, 2024
Dubai's Culinary Scene Heats Up in January: New Restaurants to Savor

As the new year unfolds, Dubai's dining landscape continues to flourish with an array of enticing options. Amid the city's culinary diversity, six notable establishments have recently joined the gastronomic scene, offering flavors ranging from Mediterranean delights to authentic Japanese gastronomy. Let's explore these exciting additions.

BCH: CLB - Mediterranean Bliss at The W Hotel

Nestled in The W Hotel on Palm Jumeirah, BCH: CLB stands out as a beach club with a unique outside-to-inside layout. Beyond the inviting ambiance, indulge in a menu featuring tuna pop tarts, sea bass ceviche, burrata pizza, and the visually delightful mountain toast. Open from 11 am to midnight, it's the perfect spot to soak up the sun and savor Mediterranean cuisine.

Cala Vista - Italian Indulgence at Jumeirah Mina a’Salam

With stunning views of the iconic Burj Al Arab, Cala Vista at Jumeirah Mina a’Salam offers a taste of Italy under its olive tree-dotted setting. Chef Luca Crostelli presents a menu boasting delectable options like beef carpaccio, wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta, and enticing desserts like Amalfi lemon sorbet. Open daily from 12:30 pm to midnight, it's an Italian culinary journey to remember.

Celeste - French Elegance at SO/Uptown Dubai Hotel

Inspired by Paris's Montmartre neighborhood, Celeste at SO/Uptown Dubai Hotel exudes French elegance. With red velvet drapes, checkerboard floors, and live music evoking a Parisian vibe, indulge in delicacies like oysters, Sturia caviar, and truffle mille feuille. The lounge opens on January 22, inviting guests to experience a touch of Paris in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Salvaje - Japanese Gastronomy Extravaganza in Downtown Dubai

From the heart of Downtown Dubai, Salvaje brings the wild side of Japanese gastronomy to the table. With tropical colors and patterns, Chef Fermin Azkue's menu features signature rolls, prime steak, Japanese tacos, and unique dishes like angry chicken and duck fried rice. Open daily, it's a vibrant addition to Dubai's dining scene.

Smoki Moto - Korean Steakhouse by the Beach

Korean cuisine takes center stage at Smoki Moto, the licensed beachside Korean steakhouse at Marriott Resort, Palm Jumeirah. With a butcher shop, lounge, and main grill area, enjoy authentic and premium dishes such as foie gras bibimbap, truffle potato jeon, and Wagyu brisket. Operating daily, it's a must-visit for Korean food enthusiasts.

Tamada - International Flair on the 74th Floor

Perched on the 74th floor of SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences, Tamada promises a fine-dining experience with a focus on premium ingredients, including caviar. With a diverse menu featuring dishes like roast baked potato with caviar and Wagyu beef Tomahawk steak, Tamada caters to Dubai's diverse palate. Immerse yourself in a feast inspired by the Georgian tradition of toasting.

As the culinary journey in Dubai unfolds, these new establishments promise delightful experiences for residents and visitors alike. Embrace the variety and savor the diverse flavors emerging in the city's vibrant food scene.