Dubai Foodies participate in the Butter Board Challenge with Butter Stories

  • Dec. 5, 2022
Dubai Foodies participate in the Butter Board Challenge with Butter Stories

As part of its viral Butter Stories social media campaign, the European Union and The French Dairy Board (CNIEL) are highlighting the variety and exquisite flavor of French butter.

Butter has long been the foundation of European cuisine, particularly in France. The purpose of this competition is to demonstrate how easy it is to work with the item and create distinctive, colorful dishes with Middle Eastern flare.

Similar to the well-known cheese board challenge, Butter of Europe created a butter board challenge in the United Arab Emirates utilizing renowned French butter. To join the tournament, butter aficionados were required to spread their preferred butter on a board and cover it with their preferred spices, vegetables, fruits, jams, and sauces so that bread could be immersed.

Due to the contest's popularity with different influencers and chefs, millions of people from the area participated. Mohamad Chabchoul, an award-winning chef from the United Arab Emirates, praised the idea. "It encourages individuals to utilize their creativity," he remarked. I enjoyed witnessing the originality of each board and individuals showing their passion for cuisine."

Chef Wadad, a campaign influencer partner, said, "This campaign has played a significant role in introducing French butter to a new audience. On my social media platforms, I heard from fans who had just tasted French butter for the first time and were blown away by its richness of flavor.

The winners of the butter board competition were determined by whose board was the most aesthetically pleasing. Twenty aspiring home bakers attended the class at Richemont Masterbaker Centre for Excellence in Baking and Pastry, where Dimitri Esposito, Head Pastry Chef at Jumeirah Al Qasr, with over 18 years of experience in the art of pastry making, taught participants how to make his one-of-a-kind red berries and elderflower tart.

Chef Esposito said, "I truly enjoyed presenting my recipe with the students and demonstrating the significance of French butter for the excellent texture and nutty flavor it imparts to pastry."

Marie-Laure Martin, director of international communication at CNIEL, said, "We wanted to provide individuals with a unique opportunity to discover new recipes and skills that they can take forward. We want to establish a culinary community in this area centered on French butter."

Each participant took their tart home to share with family and friends. Each taste pays honor to the golden component.