Discover Ennismore's Growth in 2024: New Hotels in Jeddah & Global Expansion

  • Feb. 12, 2024
Discover Ennismore's Growth in 2024: New Hotels in Jeddah & Global Expansion

Ennismore is poised for robust growth in 2024, as it prepares to unveil new hotel openings in some of the world's most vibrant cities and emerging destinations, including Jeddah. Comprising three distinct business units—Lifestyle Collective, Immersive Resorts, and Iconic Venues—Ennismore continues to redefine hospitality with its diverse portfolio.

Gaurav Bhushan, Co-CEO of Ennismore, highlighted the company's unique position within the industry. Emphasizing an ecosystem of experiences that includes hotels, all-inclusive resorts, restaurants and bars, branded residences, and coworking spaces, Bhushan underscored the growing demand for lifestyle and leisure brands. Ennismore eagerly anticipates expanding into new markets, such as Jeddah, where it aims to introduce innovative offerings that enrich each destination.

Here's a glimpse of Ennismore's Middle East expansion in 2024 across its key business units:

Ennismore's Lifestyle Collective embodies culture and community, with each brand telling its own compelling story. The forthcoming Mama Shelter Dubai Business Bay, set to debut in late 2024, promises to be a captivating oasis in the desert. Boasting vibrant aesthetics and a plethora of amenities, including restaurants, bars, pools, and a gym, the hotel will offer 197 rooms, 204 residences, and an outdoor amphitheater for leisure and entertainment.

Ennismore's Immersive Resorts, led by Rixos, deliver unparalleled all-inclusive experiences. Hyde Bodrum, slated for early 2024, promises a tranquil escape amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Bodrum Peninsula. With its emphasis on progressive music and holistic relaxation, the adults-only resort will feature 215 rooms, four villas, a spa, and five dining establishments. Meanwhile, Rixos Tersane Istanbul, scheduled for mid-2024, will immerse guests in the heart of Istanbul's historic district, offering 432 luxurious rooms, three dining outlets, and state-of-the-art entertainment facilities. Additionally, Rixos Obhur Jeddah, set to open late in 2024, will feature 247 guest rooms, 73 villas, multiple dining options, and a range of leisure activities against the backdrop of stunning beaches and landscapes.

Ennismore's Iconic Venues, epitomizing French hospitality and nightlife, are set to expand globally in 2024, with notable openings in Dubai and Istanbul. Gigi Rigolatto Dubai and Mūn Dubai, both slated for late 2024, promise unparalleled dining experiences in breathtaking beachfront settings. Meanwhile, Mondaine de Pariso Istanbul, also set to debut late in 2024, aims to captivate guests with its high-end dining concept and immersive musical performances.

In collaboration with Accor, Ennismore's 2024 expansion adds to its existing network of 144 hotels and resorts, 77 venues, and 300 restaurants and bars. Building on the momentum of 2023, which saw the opening of over 25 hotels, including Banyan Tree Dubai, and 30 new restaurants and bars, Ennismore continues to redefine hospitality through innovation and unparalleled guest experiences.