Culinary Innovations Unveiled: Chef Dani Garcia Introduces Lena and Omakase Gem Smoked Room in Dubai

  • Dec. 22, 2023
Culinary Innovations Unveiled: Chef Dani Garcia Introduces Lena and Omakase Gem Smoked Room in Dubai

Inside Lena and Smoked Room: Culinary Maestro Dani Garcia's Dubai Ventures Unveiled

Renowned Spanish chef Dani Garcia, known for his unwavering dedication to making Mediterranean cuisine more accessible, has expanded his culinary empire to Dubai. Garcia's portfolio includes the acclaimed steakhouse Lena and high-end omakase restaurant Smoked Room, both perched on the St Regis Gardens rooftop in Palm Jumeirah.

Lena, celebrated for its stylish design, offers a chic atmosphere inspired by the Marbella outpost, named the most beautiful restaurant in the world by the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in 2021. Meanwhile, Smoked Room, an exclusive 14-seater omakase restaurant embedded within Lena, promises a unique dining experience for gastronomic enthusiasts.

During a preview, we delved into Chef Garcia's seafood creations at Smoked Room, savoring four meticulously crafted dishes:

  1. Amaebi from Hokkaido, Brown Butter, and Yuzu Kosho: Chef Garcia aims to create a memorable dining experience where every bite lingers. The dish features sweet Japanese shrimp left raw, adorned with yuzu kosho jus and burnt beurre noisette, delivering a delightful and lingering aftertaste.

  2. Smoked Eel Nitro Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper Caramel, and Ajoblanco from Malaga: Redefining the concept of a tomato, this dish showcases smoked eel immersed in a traditional cold almond soup with caramelized sweet red pepper, offering a nuanced flavor journey with each bite.

  3. Corn Chawanmushi, Grilled Leek, King Crab, and Sea Urchin: Garcia celebrates the premium ingredients of Hokkaido uni and Japanese king crab, combining them with corn royale in a chawanmushi-style preparation, resulting in a rich and masterfully executed dish.

  4. Grilled Hokkigai, Tosazu Beurre Blanc, and Fresh Wasabi Paste: Featuring giant conchas finas clams charcoal-cooked and dipped in tosazu vinegar, this visually stunning dish provides a concentrated umami experience, with smoky and acidic notes complementing the sweet clam meat.

Chef Dani Garcia's Dubai venture promises surprising, delightful, and memorable culinary offerings, with Lena and Smoked Room poised to become essential destinations for discerning food enthusiasts in the city.