CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen collaborate to produce innovative, ambient, plant-based "vegurts."

  • Dec. 1, 2022
CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen collaborate to produce innovative, ambient, plant-based "vegurts."

Experience it firsthand from December 6-8 at Food Ingredients Europe, booth 4C180, in Paris.

Ingredient titans CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen are happy to offer customers a cooperation combining their world-leading experience and solutions to advance shelf-stable, consumer-friendly, plant-based yogurt replacements ("vegurts").

The emergence of plant-based alternatives to conventional dairy products has been driven by consumer desire for healthier and more sustainable food options. Within these categories, producers and merchants have acknowledged the benefits of shelf-stable goods, which may minimize food waste and expand geographic reach. Ambient-stable goods provide customers convenience. However, consumers are unwilling to compromise on flavor, nutrition, and "naturalness" of shelf-stable plant-based products in order to accept frequent usage.

prototypes for oat, soy, pea, coconut, and almond that have been proven for industrial use

CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen have shown that production of nutrient-rich, great-tasting, ambient, plant-based yogurt replacements is feasible for a range of plant bases via close collaboration. This partnership has produced prototypes of drinkable and spoonable vegurts with oat, soy, pea, coconut, or almond bases that have been industrially verified.

"The technology challenge to generate spoonable and drinkable ambient vegurts with excellent nutrition, flavor, and texture is substantial," stated Chr. Hansen's Chief Application Scientist, Christian Gilleladen. "Selecting the proper culture to give optimal fermentation performance, texture, and taste for each recipe, while also complementing the stabilizing and flavoring systems, is essential for the production of exceptional goods."

Gilleladen stated, "By collaborating, we were able to unleash the synergies between ingredients and procedure to achieve a range of desirable consistencies and mouthfeel."

Anne Sinha, Marketing Director at CP Kelco, said on behalf of the two firms, "This partnership is a new method to enable our respective clients speed product development and get access to worldwide technical application support." Customers may benefit from an integrated team of world-class specialists with insights throughout their whole development chain if they have access to teams that know each other well, collaborate effectively, and are well linked to other global ingredient producers.

Recipe prototypes may be modified

A variety of vegurt prototypes are now available for food manufacturers to sample, and they have received excellent response from select consumers. The prototype recipes may be modified to satisfy particular needs for sugar, protein, fat, texture, and taste, as a result of the collaboration's extensive knowledge in fermentation, stabilization, flavor, processing, and packaging.

Tora Jorn, Sales Technological Service Manager at CP Kelco, said, "Formulating plant-based vegurts is not straightforward, and we aim to assist our clients be the best in class by giving our shared technical experience." "Together, we look forward to this chance to share our support and contribute to the creation of the tastes, textures, and nutritional profiles that our clients want when they undertake on the path to plant-based, shelf-stable vegurts."


The vegurts will be available for sampling at CP Kelco's booth 4.C180 at Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) in Paris, France, from December 6-8.