Chef Rita Yazbek adds a dash of Provencal charm

  • Nov. 13, 2023
Chef Rita Yazbek adds a dash of Provencal charm

The culinary adventures of Chef Rita Yazbek in the hospitality and culinary fields are quite remarkable. Her experience working with well-known chefs like as Adrien Trouilloud and Alain Ducasse was crucial to the success of SUD Restobar, which she co-founded. Yazbek's current endeavour, Cezanne, in Dbayeh, just outside of Beirut, is taking her on an interesting culinary trip. We learn more about this very Provencal-looking venue.

What gave you the idea to start Cezanne?

Rather than pursue my culinary prowess in France, I wanted to use my talent here in Lebanon. With four cosy guestrooms arranged around a tranquil pool, Cezanne is a distinctive establishment that perfectly blends the functions of a restaurant and guesthouse. It was created as a result of this concept.

Our inspiration for Cezanne is mostly derived from the exquisite French Provence scenery. As a fervent fan of Provence, I couldn't help but see how very similar it is to Lebanon's natural beauty. This relationship stoked my desire to create a place with a unique personality of its own.

What does Cezanne offer its visitors?

Inside a magnificent 200-year-old heritage building in Dbayeh, just outside of Beirut, stands Cezanne. I opened this magnificent place to fill a long-standing void in the community and to provide a sophisticated fine-dining experience enhanced with a peaceful pool and tastefully furnished rooms.

Its uniqueness is what sets Cezanne apart. It features four exquisitely furnished guest rooms, a gorgeous pool, and a quaint terrace shaded by olive trees. This distinctive and welcoming atmosphere, which combines modern comforts with ancient charm, is sure to enthral tourists. Cezanne is a sanctuary for anyone looking for a terrific atmosphere and a fine-dining experience, embodying the essence of the French Province.

It is not necessary to book a stay at our guesthouse in order to use our restaurant and pool.

What determined the selection of dishes?

The Mediterranean cuisine's rich tapestry and the South of France's gorgeous landscapes serve as inspiration for our menu. Every dish is painstakingly prepared to evoke the tastes and customs of the Middle East and France. The cuisine designed by Cezanne takes diners on a gastronomic voyage that embodies the essence of Provence's rustic appeal and the sun-kissed Mediterranean coastlines.

What aspects of working with your family do you find most enjoyable, and what abilities do all of them contribute?

My brother is in charge of our company's marketing, while I am in charge of the kitchen and operations at Cezanne. We have worked together flawlessly to realise our original idea. My brother turned the 200-year-old house into a lovely guesthouse with his creative expertise. I created a menu in the kitchen that embodies the flavours of Provencal cooking.

Our pleasant working relationship guarantees that our visitors have an authentically engaging dining and hospitality experience. Memorable experiences at Cezanne are created by the ideal fusion of his creative vision and my love of food.