Butter Up! is here: All you need to know about European butter condensed in a travel guide featuring Dubai influencers and chefs

  • Feb. 11, 2022
Butter Up! is here: All you need to know about European butter condensed in a travel guide featuring Dubai influencers and chefs

A host of Dubai foodies and influencers are to showcase the journey of dairy butter, from farm to plate, in a new guide, Butter Up!

The digital version of the guide, which is now available, tells the story of how butter is made and produced in the rural French countryside outside cities such as Rennes and Nantes before making the journey to some of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in Paris.

In addition to outlining how French butter is produced, manufactured, and consumed, the guide also provides historical insights into the kitchen essentials. A host of recipes are also available through the guide and include the famous Breton cake, Kouign Amann, buttery razor clams, as well as a range of sauces.

A series of places of interest, such as farms, museums, and attractions, as well as suggestions on where to eat in Rennes, Nantes and Paris to experience the very best of what dairy butter has to offer, can also be found in the handy guide. In addition, several fun facts about butter and agriculture can be found throughout.

“It was interesting to introduce our guests to the centuries-old tradition of making butter. During their trip, they had the opportunity to witness firsthand the milking phase of the butter-making process when they visited a dedicated dairy farm where they learned about the strict milking process and the five-star conditions the cows are kept in to create the tasty milk,” said Marie-Laure Martin, international communications project manager at the French Dairy Board

Prominent Dubai chefs Daniel Boulud from the Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk hotel, and Chef Mohamed Orfali, of Orfali Bros Kitchen fame, are also featured in the guide as converts of French butter and outline why it is an essential part of the recipes they create.

“The virtue of butter is that it will never go out of style. From savoury dishes to sweet delicacies, butter worldwide has a major role in cooking, and French butter is highly prized for it. This delicious ingredient has many great purposes, and by using the perfect amount, you can elevate an entire dish with soft richness and flavour. For me, there is nothing that beats a slice of hot and crusty sourdough spread with Normandy butter,” said chef Daniel.

“Dairy butter to me is one of the key ingredients. It goes in most of my dishes. You cannot do a dessert without it. For me, it is about the quality, about the flavour – imagine food without butter! We use it at our restaurant to make dishes more intense and better quality,” added chef Mohamed.

The guide is an overview of a tour hosted by the European Union and the French Dairy Board, which invited Dubai-based chef and blogger Dalia Dogmoch Soubra and food bloggers and influencers Courtney Brandt, Nicole Maftoum, Sandra Boghos, Yasmine Tannir and Jen Sahi to witness the importance of butter in French cuisine.

The guide is available now online and can be downloaded from the link in the bio of the Insta account @butterstories.me