Bordo Mavi: Dubai's Unique Seafood-Only Dining Experience

  • March 19, 2024
Bordo Mavi: Dubai's Unique Seafood-Only Dining Experience

Bordo Mavi is breaking the norm in Dubai's culinary scene by offering a menu exclusively dedicated to seafood, with a touch of vegetarian options. This bold move sets it apart from traditional fish restaurants and makes it a refreshing find for seafood enthusiasts.

The Concept of Bordo Mavi: Located at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Bordo Mavi is a collaboration between the 3Fils-cum-Brix team and a Turkish fishmonger. It focuses on sustainably sourced seafood from the Black Sea, showcasing prized varieties like flying fish and turbot, presented on an ice display. The restaurant operates on a no-reservations, walk-ins policy, adding to its casual yet exclusive appeal.

The Dining Experience: The menu at Bordo Mavi is digital, accessible via iPads, and features a wide range of dishes illustrated with photos. While some may find this approach convenient, others may miss having a physical menu. However, the service is commendable, with knowledgeable staff and a pleasant atmosphere.

Signature Dishes and Highlights: Explore the culinary delights at Bordo Mavi, from chilli pickles and freshly baked bread to unique offerings like samphire pickles and the signature layered salad. Standout dishes include shrimps in sizzling butter, grilled Spanish octopus, and anchovies prepared in various styles, showcasing the restaurant's expertise in seafood preparation.

Sweet Endings and Value for Money: Finish your meal with delightful desserts like thyme ice cream and Turkish black tea, rounding off a satisfying seafood feast. Despite being unlicensed (no alcohol), Bordo Mavi offers superb value for money, with a focus on quality ingredients and innovative presentations.


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