Back To Nature Manufacturing LLC - From the Nature, For the Nature: An Eco-friendly approach to alter our Lifestyle!!

  • March 16, 2023
Back To Nature Manufacturing LLC - From the Nature, For the Nature: An Eco-friendly approach to alter our Lifestyle!!

THE VANISHING PLASTIC BAG: sounds interesting isn’t it … Well for that your one and only stop is Back to Nature Manufacturing LLC. Ranjitha Raghavan, an environment fanatic brings an end to this plastic-based packaging issue with her ‘Back to Nature’ firm. As the founder of Back to Nature, Ranjitha is on a mission to put an end to plastic consumption and global waste by substituting with sustainable alternatives. 

LET’S TALK BUSINESS:With a passion to conserve the environment, Back to Nature has stamped the niche as one among the UAE’s leading green manufacturing companies. Their specialty is providing the market with eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic products.

Ranging from paper products such as bags, cups, and bowls as well as products that are completely compostable; such as single-use bags made from plant called cassava. With constant exploring and experimenting with environmentally friendly materials and speckled levels of eco-friendliness to ensure a sustainable lifestyle for their customers.

Biodegradable plastic bags have evolved as an answer to the cumulative problem of unwanted waste, as plastics have always been a major ecological concern. According to a study from UAE's Ministry of Environment and Water, a whopping 11 billion plastic bags are used annually.

Rapid urbanization and improved Lifestyles initiated this change in consumer preferences that led to the usage of biodegradable bags. The company is a proud manufacturer of an innovative product called cassava bags, a great sustainable alternative to conventional plastic carrier bags. Cassava bags contain no petrochemicals that harm the environment. It is made out of plant starch and oil, which is compostable within months. Additionally, their nature suggestively improves the environment, saves nautical species, and thwarts ecological catastrophes.

BACK TO NATURE’S CLIENTAL OUTLOOK:Tie ups with hotels such as Atlantis, Four Seasons, Ibis, Novotel, Movenpick and Millennium to name a few. Their branch office in Dubai is also working with few restaurants like 3 Fils, Gold Fish and meal plan companies like the Meal Club and Prep Hero. Back to Nature’s disposable products are also available at ecommerce platform like Kibsons. The company got selected as the eco-friendly food service packaging company for their catering during the UAE EXPO2020 exhibition in 2021.

  • Back to Nature is one of the first companies who introduced quality bagasse disposable tableware and takeaway containers in UAE thus changing the landscape of foodservice industry.
  • Back to Nature have introduced inhouse manufacturing of paper bag and paper food packaging, and is having plans to scale up by adding various varieties to have the entire range.
  • At Back to Nature there is no compromise on quality and sustainability – all products are completely plastic-free and with high end specifications.
  • Back to Nature is striving to solve the plastic pollution problem with the introduction of UAE based manufacturing of cassava bags that can replace single – use plastic bags.
  • They are in conversations with like-minded NGOs to bring about a difference and incorporate circular economy concept in UAE through animal farms by donating the used or leftover cassava raw materials as animal feeds, since it is completely safe for animal consumption.

Casava Bags Market Outlook (2022 – 2032)

The global Cassava bags are anticipated to rise at CAGR of 7.6% during the forecast period. The market revenue is likely to be valued at US $ 62.2 Mn in 2022 and exhibit a revenue growth of US $ 129.4 Mn by 2032.

Delving Deep into Why Pick Cassava Bags!!

As a consumer I am sure a lot of us want to understand cassava bags and its origin. Cassava denotes to a root vegetable that is rich in incalculable nutrients. It positions among the primary components of a myriad of diets around the world. Analysis shows that cassava is the key element of the diet of over 800 million people.

Cassava on the other hand is a maintainable and renewable resource, as it breeds quickly and entails very little water to flourish. Furthermore, cassava can be grown in a variety of microclimates, making it a workable alternative to outmoded plastic bags in many parts of the world. The invention of cassava bags also has a smaller carbon trail equated to plastic bags, as it involves less energy to process and manufacture.

Key Differences Between Cassava Bags and Plastic Bags !!

In spite of the ecological benefits of cassava bags, some people may harbour qualms about the eminence equated to traditional plastic bags. In other words, cassava bags offer a maintainable substitute to plastic without forfeiting performance. Given below are the features that make cassava bags a superior choice. 

  • Cassava bags arebiodegradable and compostable unlike plastic bags They are completely natural, hence dissolves in boiling water within few minutes, disintegrates in waterbodies within weeks and decomposes in soil within months. Like we said, yes it definitely vanishes, unlike plastic which remains for over 400 years as per studies. Cassava bag basically solves the entire plastic pollution problem.
  • Secondly, Cassava is a fast-growing plant that can be reaped multiple times a year, making it a more sustainable and renewable resource compared to petrochemicals, which is a non-renewable resource that is used to make plastic bags. And not to mention the huge carbon emissions.
  • Cassava bags use only natural plant-based ingredients making it safe for the environment and doesn’t leave behind any harmful toxins waste. Oral toxicity tests have proved that it is also safe to consume, and thus protects marine life, animals and birds, that otherwise gets killed due to consuming plastic.
  • Cassava bags can be used for a variety of purposes, including carrying groceries, retail items, ecommerce delivery packing, waste bags, garment wrapping and many more. This versatility makes them a useful and practical choice for various types of businesses. The possibilities are endless.
  • Not only are cassava bags versatile in their uses, but they are also versatile in their design. They can be customized with different colours, patterns, and even logos, making them great promotional items for businesses. They can also be made in customs sizes as per different business needs and applications.

So, the next time you're shopping for groceries or household items, consider reaching for a cassava bag instead of a plastic one, as you'll be supporting businesses that are making a positive impact on the environment. And that's something to smile about!


Ranjitha Raghavan, an entrepreneur who is brave enough to invest in Saving the Planet - thrives to make a difference in this world, and hence started a business that encourages the use of eco-friendly foodservice packaging and single-use bags in UAE. An engineer by qualification, Ranjitha moved on to a sustainability-centric business that emphases on alternatives to single-use plastic, as she believes the world needs more businesses that care about our planet than about profits.

AIM: They aim to become one of UAE’s largest green manufacturing companies leading the market with innovative, sustainable solutions. Their imperative goal is about refining life for present and future generations while conserving the environment.

Finally, Ranjitha and her entire team believe in working together towards handing over a liveable planet for our future generation.