Ambani's Newest Acquisition: 100-year-Old Beverage Manufacturer

  • Jan. 4, 2023
Ambani's Newest Acquisition: 100-year-Old Beverage Manufacturer

Reliance Consumer Products Ltd (RCPL) has announced that it would buy a 50% ownership share in Sosyo Hajoori Beverages Pvt Ltd of Gujarat (SHBPL). The organization owns and manages a beverage business under the Sosyo name. Existing promoters, the Hajoori family, will retain ownership of the remaining SHBPL shares.

The 100-year heritage of Reliance's newest beverage firm

Sosyo, a 100-year-old brand of carbonated soft drinks and juices, was founded by Abbas Abdullah Hajoori in 1923. Abbas Hajoori and his son, Alisgar Hajoori, handle the business. Intriguingly, the brand's original name was 'Socio,' but as it gained popularity in Surat, the brand's management realized that the locals had a distinctive manner of pronouncing the word. They referred to it as "Sosyo" according to their local accent and vocabulary. In 1953, the corporation chose to recognize and honor the common usage of nomenclature by changing its name to Sosyo.

SHBPL brands acquired by Reliance as a result of an acquisition.

SHBPL's portfolio includes the beverage brands Sosyo, Kashmira, Lemee, Ginlim, Runner, Opener, Hajoori Soda, and S'eau. With its skill in formulating formulations, the firm has introduced over one hundred flavors and has a client base throughout Gujarat. "By combining our respective skills, we would make Sosyo's unique-tasting beverage goods available to all Indian customers. Abbas Hajoori, chairman of Sosyo Hajoori Beverages Private Limited, described the event as a historic occasion in the company's almost 100-year history.

The distribution networks of the recently acquired firm by Reliance.

SHBPL has 18 production facilities in India, as well as a network of franchisees and distributors for distribution across the country. It has sixteen franchise locations around the nation. The firm also exports to international markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and others. Through its franchising network, it hopes to become a national brand. The authorized capital of the corporation is Rs 100 lakhs. "With a market share of roughly 29% in Gujarat alone, we sell around 20,000,000 boxes annually throughout the globe. Our business supports over 95,000 retail locations throughout India, the corporation asserts.

The prior beverage business purchase by Reliance

Earlier in August 2022, Reliance announced that it will acquire the Indian soft drink brand Campa from the Delhi-based Pure Drinks Group. Reliance Retail promptly rolled out its three flavors, including the popular cola flavor, orange, and lemon, in select outlets. According to the sources, the transaction was valued at about Rs 22 crore. As part of its growth efforts in the FMCG sector, Reliance is in discussions with a number of FMCG brands.0