Alternative proteins – “We aim to help consumers develop”

  • Sept. 16, 2022
Alternative proteins – “We aim to help consumers develop”

Alternative proteins, such as wheat gluten cutlets, tofu sausages, and vegetarian burgers produced from pulses, have gone from specialist items to popular in only a few years. A market that provides immense prospects for both startups and large corporations. As one of the world’s top producers of processing and packaging systems, MULTIVAC supports these enterprises with a focused variety of full solutions – and is now a member of Germany’s BALPro – in order to contribute to sustainable food supply (Federal Association for Alternative Protein Sources).

Christian Traumann, Group President of MULTIVAC, explains, “In order to sustainably feed the world’s rising population while simultaneously conserving the environment, it is crucial to promote the development of alternative proteins.” “Because we are a leading provider of processing and packaging solutions, we have chosen to join BALPro, the Federal Association for Alternative Protein Sources. As a technical leader in our industry, we see tremendous chances to exchange knowledge with specialists and businesses, as well as share our experience in the food processing and packaging industries.” BALPro provides assistance to those gamers who are developing future culinary ideas. Experts from the fields of science and politics, as well as businesses from each level of added value, collaborate closely in the Association, whose members vary from raw material farmers to producers of sustainable packaging solutions.

MULTIVAC provides customized processing and packaging solutions for alternative proteins.

Klaus Deniffel, Project Manager for Alternative Proteins at MULTIVAC, explains, “As a new member of the Association, we want to support the growth of alternative protein manufacturers with cutting-edge technology, decades of know-how and experience, and a focus on sustainable, cost-effective total solutions.” Each product must be evaluated separately. “Then, in collaboration with our clients, we build customized solutions that allow their goods to be processed and packed safely and economically. And, if desired, even in the new varieties of recyclable packaging materials, which provide an even better ecological balance.”

290 billion US dollars by 2035 for the market for alternative proteins.

The report “Food for Thought: The Protein Transformation” by Boston Consulting Group, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, demonstrates the market potential for alternative proteins, including MULTIVAC. Under this scenario, the market is projected to increase from 13 million tons in 2021 to 97 million tons in 2035. Market value: about 290 billion US dollars. A development with very good environmental effects. By 2035, more than a gigaton of CO2 and 39 billion cubic metres of water can be saved by converting to eggs and plant-based meat, enough to sustain a metropolis the size of London with water for forty years. As a provider of processing and packaging solutions, MULTIVAC seeks to make a sustained contribution to this industry.