Al Jameel Factory for Food Products opens in Dubai

  • Feb. 18, 2022
Al Jameel Factory for Food Products opens in Dubai

Al Jameel International Group announced the opening of Al Jameel Food Industries in Dubai. The new production facility consists of two advanced production lines, the first for the cracking walnuts, which is the first of its kind in with the most innovative technologies in the Middle East having a production capacity of 17,000 tons annually. The second production line would focus on the processing and sorting of Raw cardamom by cleaning and sorting the cardamom by size and color. The production line is the latest fully automated with a production capacity of 25 thousand tons annually, which is equivalent to 50% of the global production of cardamom, and this is the first plant to process cardamom seeds outside its homeland.

Mohamed Akrin, President of Al Jameel Group

On this occasion, Mohamed Akrin, President of Al Jameel Group, said: “The United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, has become the first innovation incubator in the world, so we took the initiative to invest in this factory, which is the first of its kind in the world. We are confident in our ability to achieve success in a supportive investment environment like the UAE.” Akrin added: “Through this industrial facility, we aspire to reach our production capacity and process 50% of the global production of cardamom seeds within the next 5 years, making Dubai a global center for importing and re-exporting this vital food product that is further used in the manufacturing of several food products, across the Arabic countries. As the UAE imports 8,500 tons annually, and Saudi Arabia imports 9,500 tons annually, these are very key markets for us. Saudi Arabia is also the largest importer of cardamom globally, which is most used in the production of authentic Saudi coffee. It should be noted that the cardamom seeds are manually processed and sorted in different parts of the world, such as India and Guatemala, which makes it a very laborious process. Therefore, this production facility will achieve high production capacities within short periods of time and with extreme precision compared to manual processing.”

As for the walnut cracking and processing production line, the first of its kind in the region and sustainably designed, Akrin said: “Walnut is a basic food item that is used in the preparation of many international and regional dishes, and we at Al-Jameel Factory are pleased to meet the increasing demand for this material, which provides countless health benefits. In addition, we will make sure to recycle walnut shells according to environmental conditions and use them for other sustainable-friendly use cases.”