After a good harvest, the Middle East market will get luscious European apples.

  • Oct. 14, 2022
After a good harvest, the Middle East market will get luscious European apples.

A recent analysis by the French National Apple and Pear Association (ANPP) reveals that Middle Eastern customers may look forward to tastier French apples this year as a consequence of Europe's dry summer and the natural rise in sugar content.

The analysis predicts that European apple output will exceed 12 million tonnes, while French apple production will reach approximately 1.35 million tonnes, placing the harvest on par with 2020 and 2021 despite the challenging circumstances seen during one of Europe's warmest summers on record.

There will be a variety of well-known apple types available, including the Golden Delicious, which remains the most widely grown apple in France, Gala, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Red apples, and Juliet.

Interfel's Marketing Export Manager Daniel Soares said, "The 2022 apple harvest will be beyond anything we've seen in recent years. Due to the dry and heat circumstances,

Apple farmers face various obstacles; yet, the final fruit is of great quality and has a high sugar content.

"The Gala, which is particularly popular in Middle Eastern nations, is typically predominately red in color, but this summer, as a result of less variation in daytime and nighttime temperatures, it will have a lovely red and golden skin and will be very delectable owing to its high sugar content. Apple lovers in the Middle East are in for a treat this year."

The eco-responsible production practices of French apple producers also contribute to the apples' delicious flavor and lengthy history of production. This involves using eco-friendly practices that preserve the biodiversity of orchards while maintaining the economic stability of their fruit farms.

This revolutionary agroecological strategy is founded on the concepts of integrated fruit production, which focuses on orchard monitoring, biological control measures, and cutting-edge technology to guarantee that all customers get high-quality fruits. In 2022, eco-friendly orchards will provide more than 70 percent of France's apple supply.

In an effort to assist French apple producers in exporting their products to the Middle Eastern market, the European Union and Interfel, the French fresh fruit and vegetable interprofessional organization, have approved a three-year plan involving a series of consumer, retailer, and young chef-focused activations. The program will consist of over 442 in-store tastings, retail seminars and culinary training sessions, pop-up booths in malls around the GCC, and retail chain events.

According to Interfel, French apple exports to the Middle East dipped somewhat during the 2021-22 season, but still reached 22,000 tonnes, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar increasing purchases by 2% and 11%, respectively. The United Arab Emirates imported over 8,600 tonnes, the same as the previous year.

The ANPP classifies French apples into the gourmet, fragrant, balanced, rustic, and tonic categories. The Golden apple is the most common kind of apple farmed in France, accounting for 35% of all apples planted in France today. Due to its sweetness, the Gala apple is the most popular apple in the Middle East.