Abu Dhabi's Burger Scene Gets an Upgrade at Beau Restaurant

  • May 27, 2024
Abu Dhabi's Burger Scene Gets an Upgrade at Beau Restaurant

"Love always prevails,

" proclaims Beau Restaurant at Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall, and after a delightful dining experience, it's easy to see why. This upscale burger joint, brought to the capital by Dubai's famed Chef Vincent Le Moal, offers an unforgettable combination of fluffy brioche buns, juicy patties, and gourmet sides.

A Parisian Touch in the Heart of the Mall

The experience starts with a touch of luxury. Forget the usual mall walk; Beau whisks you away in a branded cart, setting the tone for a special meal. Inside, the restaurant ditches flashy logos for a minimalist Parisian vibe, complete with clean white interiors and a vintage luggage trolley (a nod to Chef Vincent's Parisian inspiration).

A Menu Beyond the Ordinary Burger

While the menu features classic drive-thru favorites like smash burgers and chicken sandwiches, Beau elevates the experience with gourmet touches. We opted for the original smash burger (Dhs55) – a masterpiece of double Angus beef, Elysée sauce, caramelized onions, and pickles, all nestled in their signature, melt-in-your-mouth brioche bun.

For a taste of something different, the spicy grand chicken (Dhs50) offers a delightful kick. Marinated and fried to perfection, the chicken pairs beautifully with the subtle spice. If you're health-conscious, a lettuce wrap option is available, but be warned – you'll miss out on those incredible buns!

Sides that Steal the Show

Don't miss the sides at Beau! We loved the cheese potato balls (Dhs30) bursting with truffle flavor. But the real star was the long potatoes (Dhs25) – think melt-in-your-mouth potato fries, lightly seasoned and served with parmesan and a heavenly honey lime mayo.

The Perfect Finishing Touch: Sauces Galore

Beau understands that sauces are the heart and soul of a good burger. With options like spicy truffle, creamy herb, and honey mustard (all for Dhs5 each), there's a flavor to complement every palate. We highly recommend the pepper mayo – the perfect finishing touch to your burger masterpiece.

Beau Restaurant: A Must-Try for Burger Lovers in Abu Dhabi

Whether you're a burger aficionado or simply seeking a delicious and unique dining experience, Beau Restaurant is a must-visit. With its luxurious touches, gourmet ingredients, and friendly atmosphere, Beau sets a new standard for casual dining in Abu Dhabi. So ditch the ordinary and indulge in a burger experience that will have you saying "L'amour triomphe toujours" (love always prevails)!