A Tailored Solution for Feeding and Case Packing Interfolded Products

  • Aug. 2, 2023
A Tailored Solution for Feeding and Case Packing Interfolded Products

With over two decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing machines and systems for the Tissue industry and secondary packaging, Microline has innovated a specialized feeding system for interfolded products. This feature is available on the ROM600 case packer and can be integrated into various machines within Microline's product range. The system offers the advantage of maintaining proper product orientation while ensuring gentle handling. This achievement is realized without compromising on exceptional production performance.

When Efficiency and Flexibility Define Excellence

Interfolded products represent a unique segment within the Tissue sector, presenting distinct dynamics that pose specific challenges for the various stakeholders along the supply chain, particularly from a technological standpoint. These products encompass items like wipes, paper towels, and hospital paper rolls, which find application in diverse contexts such as the Ho.Re.Ca industry, restaurants, medical facilities, and corporate settings. Given their delicate nature, these products demand specialized expertise to handle and package optimally. Leveraging its extensive experience in this domain, Microline is adept at providing tailored solutions for a wide array of products, addressing both primary and secondary packaging needs. Microline's machines are designed as cohesive systems, capable of simultaneously ensuring precise orientation and gentle handling of the products.

The "ROM" Series: A Preferred Platform for Accessory Innovation

An illustrative example is the dedicated feeding system crafted for interfolded wipes intended for industrial use, specifically designed to overcome challenges associated with the unsteady balance of the convex-based overpacking. This innovative system was developed on the ROM 600 machine, which represents the medium-speed offering within Microline's family of automatic case packers. The ROM series machines manage tasks like case pickup, erection, filling, and secure closure through adhesive tape or a hot melt system. These versatile machines can accommodate a wide range of products, including multipurpose, industrial, and hospital paper rolls. After passing through the upstream cutting station, the products are automatically directed to a divider, where they are arranged in collation patterns of up to 5 parallel lines. Subsequently, they are grouped, stacked, and seamlessly inserted into cases according to the predefined configuration.

Interfolded Hand Wipes: Combining Delicate Handling with Exceptional Performance

Zooming in on the feeding phase of the ROM case packer, we uncover the focal point of Microline's engineering ingenuity. In this specific scenario, the challenge lay in processing packs of hand wipes encased in paper overpacking—a packaging format with a convex base, rendering it inherently unstable. Moreover, the paper wrapping of products composed of paper adds to the delicacy, making them prone to tearing. The specially designed feeding system ensures that the products maintain a consistent orientation from the infeed conveyor (also a Microline creation) throughout the entire transportation phase, up to case packing. By ingeniously combining mechanical components and meticulous machine development, the system not only ensures accurate orientation but also gentle handling of the packs. Remarkably, this achievement is realized while maintaining a processing rate of 120 pieces per minute, underscoring the system's high performance without any compromise. As a result, this unit emerges as an ideal solution for comprehensive packaging lines that encompass both primary and secondary packaging within cases.