With salaries of up to 7,000 dirhams, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is hiring in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Nov. 4, 2023
With salaries of up to 7,000 dirhams, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is hiring in the United Arab Emirates.

A noteworthy advancement for individuals seeking employment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Hyatt Hotels & Resorts' provision of numerous positions with attractive compensation packages of up to 7,000 dirhams.

For people who want to work for a well-known company worldwide and grow in the hospitality sector, this is an amazing chance. Let's examine the qualifications, needed paperwork, and application process for these highly sought-after jobs.

Qualification Standards

In order to be given consideration for these positions, applicants must fulfill certain requirements for eligibility:

Qualifications for Education: Candidates could require certain certificates or educational credentials depending on the position. Entry-level jobs typically require a high school education or its equivalent, while managerial positions could call for further degrees or certificates.


Experience:The amount of experience needed varies depending on the role. While management or supervisory positions might need several years of relevant experience in the hospitality sector, entry-level positions might not.

Language Skills: Being proficient in English is frequently a must for the majority of jobs. Speaking more than one language could be helpful, especially for jobs that require interacting with guests.

Authorization to Work: Individuals must be legally permitted to work in the United Arab Emirates. For foreign nationals, this usually entails securing the required visas and work permits.

Documentation Needed

The following paperwork should be ready for candidates when they apply for these positions at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts:

Updated CV/Resume: It's important to have a professional CV that highlights your abilities, employment history, and qualifications.

Academic Credentials: Certified copies of academic credentials, licenses, and degrees in accordance with employment specifications

Experience Certificates: It's crucial for applicants with past employment history to provide experience certificates or recommendation letters from their previous employers.

The visa and passport: Details of an expat's UAE work visa and a current passport.