UNOX MENA: Revolutionizing Culinary Innovation with AI-Powered Ovens

  • Jan. 12, 2024
UNOX MENA: Revolutionizing Culinary Innovation with AI-Powered Ovens

In the realm of culinary innovation, UNOX MENA stands at the forefront, reshaping kitchen landscapes by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its state-of-the-art oven technology. UNOX's intelligent technology caters to professional cooking processes, supporting individuals and businesses in overcoming daily challenges. The UNOX Team, consisting of over 650 professionals, including physicists, engineers, and experts, focuses on innovative research and development.

Leading the charge in the MENA region is Matt Roberts, Managing Director of UNOX MENA. With almost 15 years of industry experience, Roberts has propelled the team to unprecedented heights, expanding UNOX's global footprint and envisioning the Dubai Experience Centre as an extension of its Italian headquarters.

In 2015, UNOX incorporated five core AI-driven technologies, revolutionizing ovens' capabilities. These technologies empower ovens to autonomously produce optimal cooking results by strategically deploying sensors to detect nuances such as humidity, food temperature, and portion size. This wealth of data enables dynamic adjustments to cooking parameters, ensuring perfection in every culinary creation.

The introduction of CHEFTOP.X and BAKERTOP.X in 2023 marked a new era of interactive cooking, driven by the revolutionary DIGITAL.ID operating system. This system engages users to optimize cooking results while promoting energy, water, and cost efficiency.

AI in UNOX ovens, including OPTIC.Cooking accessories and SMART.Energy technology, leaves no room for kitchen errors. The oven identifies placed food, initiates cooking programs automatically, seeks feedback from chefs post-cooking, and actively adapts its programs based on responses. SMART.Energy technology addresses the carbon footprint, offering advice on efficient oven usage.

The user experience is elevated with features like voice recognition in the CHEFTOP.X and BAKERTOP.X, turning the oven into an indispensable sous chef accessible to chefs of all calibers.

UNOX's AI-powered ovens, CHEFTOP.X and BAKERTOP.X, redefine culinary excellence with an iconic design and technological supremacy. These ovens enhance cooking speed, improve uniformity, detect food loads accurately, manage chamber climate precisely, boost energy efficiency, and streamline the cleaning process.

Customer feedback is crucial, with UNOX installing ovens for new customers in the Middle East. The unveiling of a €24m innovation hub in Italy reflects UNOX's commitment to continuous innovation, aiming to perfect cooking processes by analyzing digitized food data. The brand's goal of releasing new technology every 18 months promises exciting prospects for the future.

As part of global expansion, UNOX establishes a regional headquarters covering the Middle East, Africa, and India. The Experience Centre in Riyadh and UNOX Lounges in various nations are set to open doors in early 2024. UNOX also remains committed to charitable initiatives, exemplified by collaborations with organizations like the Red Crescent during Ramadan in 2024.