Ulu Hye Reveals New Plant-Based Barista

  • Jan. 9, 2023
Ulu Hye Reveals New Plant-Based Barista

Ulu Hye, a plant milk business located in Queensland, has introduced a frothed alternative milk made from almonds called Barista Mylk Base. This alternative milk is marketed for domestic customers.

According to Heidi Peuten, co-founder of Ulu Hye, "people enjoy our Mylk Bases but wanted a barista alternative that would stretch and froth beautifully in their coffee and be added to tea without separating."

"Not only is it quick and simple to create, but it also includes uncontaminated components and uses very few of them. Most significantly, it prevents as many as six cartons from being thrown away in the trash."

The plant-based barista milk foundation offered by the business is natural, does not include any plastics, and can be reconstituted by just adding water to the base and mixing it. In addition, it does not include any chemicals, preservatives, or emulsifiers and is devoid of gluten, sugar, and soy.

The smaller version of the Barista Mylk Base Almond sells for $14 each jar, whereas the regular version sells for $22 per jar. In May of the previous year, the two entrepreneurs debuted a tiny Mylk Base jar variety at a restricted number of Woolworths shops throughout the country.