The View at the Palm is Unveiling a New Rooftop Bar.

  • Nov. 23, 2022
The View at the Palm is Unveiling a New Rooftop Bar.

The 240-meter-tall, December-opening CouCou Dubai will provide a 360-degree panoramic view of the Dubai cityscape.

What will CouCou provide? There will reportedly be a bar lounge, rooftop restaurant, and shisha lounge.

From the crew behind Verde Dubai, CouCou will feature a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that has yet to be revealed, but we anticipate seafood, grills, salads, and maybe even pastas and pizzas.

A DJ will play nightly in an effort to create a party atmosphere, and CouCou will also conduct VIP dinner parties for individuals who want to have a unique dining experience.

As for the inside of CouCou, which is French for hello, the ambiance and color palette are intended to be stylish and neutral. We're discussing grays and whites with gold accents.

A massive 360-degree bar in the center of the space, surrounded by seats for people who like to see bartenders at work while sipping.

There will be cozy booths for those wishing to eat in groups, and independent tables for those wishing to dine in pairs.

The View at the Palm is the highest point of The Palm Tower and is home to the most popular restaurant in Dubai, SushiSamba, as well as the tallest 360-degree infinity pool in the world, Aura Sky Pool. CouCou will have excellent company.