The UAE Restaurant Industry Organizes a New Meeting in Dubai to Discuss Ways to Improve Meal Delivery in the MENA Area.

  • May 22, 2023
The UAE Restaurant Industry Organizes a New Meeting in Dubai to Discuss Ways to Improve Meal Delivery in the MENA Area.

The 11th UAE community meeting will feature speaker presentations, open conversations with restaurant owners and community guests, and a tea party in the Suvoroff Gourmet restaurant. The meeting's theme is "Boosting food delivery figures and acquiring more customers." The evolution of restaurant delivery services and consumer interaction will be discussed by four presenters from top UAE companies including Yango Delivery, PIKE, YallaMarket, and LoyaltyPlant.

Ayushman Shukla, Head of Sales at Yango Delivery, will discuss how to outsource delivery to speed up the growth of restaurants. Ayushman Shukla, a sales expert with more than 11 years of experience in the hospitality industry, is prepared to impart his knowledge on scaling the most successful food tech firms in the MENA area.

Elvina Abibullaeva, the creator and CEO of fresh urban media PIKE, will discuss how restaurants may convert Internet users into actual customers during the presentation. The speaker, who has eight years of expertise in the restaurant marketing industry, intends to talk about such useful tools as "Instagram-able" dishes that can boost business for free, effective collaborations, newsbreak creation, appealing content, and targeted ads.

Vas Diachenko, the founder and CEO of the US startup LoyaltyPlant, will discuss how restaurants may increase their direct orders share to 50% by eschewing third-party aggregators. The move from aggregator platforms to internal direct ordering channels will be covered by the expert in restaurant mobile apps. The founder of LoyaltyPlant will talk about actionable tips on how to use customer data to boost repeat order numbers and customer retention.

The UAE Restaurant Community was established in Dubai in 2020 with the goal of bringing together the country's top hospitality industry executives to discuss current issues, share knowledge and experiences, and come up with solutions.

"At the moment, restaurateurs are split and rarely communicate with one another. Tens of thousands of restaurant owners from all around the world will eventually come together in a community to grow both individually and as an industry. The community of restaurant owners in the UAE should collaborate to improve the sector. The next objective, according to the founder of the UAE Restaurant Community, Leo Dovbenko, is to establish a food and beverage think-tank for restaurant owners.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 epidemic, the community's founder Leo Dovbenko (CEO and co-founder of YallaMarket and YallaHub, co-founder of Syrve MENA) made the decision to gather all the owners of UAE restaurants. The primary goals of the community are to link the industry leaders, facilitate internal communication, find resources, cooperate with the UAE government to highlight the problems of restaurant operators, and standardize the commissions paid to food app aggregators. Knowing the aforementioned enables colleagues in the industry to communicate more quickly and exchange ideas, practical advice, and successful strategies.