The #GoLocal loyalty programme rewards customers for buying local produce.

  • Aug. 16, 2022
The #GoLocal loyalty programme rewards customers for buying local produce.

Food Crowd, an online grocery shop that promotes local food production and supports local farming, has announced the introduction of its #GoLocal customer loyalty programme, which will provide cashback incentives to consumers.

As part of its environmental philosophy and strategy, Food Crowd’s #GoLocal loyalty programme differs from previous payback programmes in that members who buy locally-grown and UAE-made items contribute to the reduction of imports and, eventually, the elimination of the planet’s carbon emissions. The initiative benefits more than only the economy of the nation and the consumer’s wallet by promoting the purchase of locally made goods. The loyalty point system is meant to incentivize consumers to support UAE farmers and suppliers in exchange for substantial cash back benefits.

Simply register online at to peruse the major categories and add goods from the large selection of fresh vegetables, quality meat, seafood, and pantry essentials. To identify UAE-sourced items, search for the “Locally Sourced” label and the corresponding tab while perusing the platform’s localised selection. For every AED1 spent on UAE-sourced items, members will get 1 point, and for every 100 points acquired, consumers will receive AED10 in store credit redeemable on a future purchase. After successfully “checking out,” members’ points will automatically accrue and be shown on their profile dashboard, which can be accessed through the company’s website. The reward programme embodies the company’s mission to enhance local awareness and provide fresh, premium products “from the community to the community.”

Soula Baroudi, Head of E-commerce and Marketing for Food Crowd, said, “Our loyalty programme respects and compensates both our suppliers and consumers as part of our long-term mission to promote locally-produced goods and display the variety of high-quality food available in the UAE.”