TGP International Unveils Mons Catering: A Culinary Marvel at Expo City Dubai

  • March 27, 2024
TGP International Unveils Mons Catering: A Culinary Marvel at Expo City Dubai

In a groundbreaking move, TGP International has introduced Mons Catering, a prestigious catering venture set to redefine culinary experiences at Expo City Dubai, the esteemed host venue for COP28 UAE.

Mons Catering builds upon TGP International's rich legacy of catering to world-renowned events. Nestled within Expo City Dubai and granted direct access to the destination's finest restaurants, chefs, and event spaces, Mons Catering promises culinary excellence that elevates every occasion.

For over two decades, TGP International has collaborated with Michelin Star chefs and culinary experts, offering comprehensive event and catering solutions. Notable achievements include orchestrating all events and catering at Expo 2020 Dubai, serving over 650 events and exceeding 20,000 covers.

The company's prowess extends beyond Dubai, with remarkable projects like Forces of Nature in AlUla, a dining experience set amidst breathtaking canyons and cooked over a molten lava stream, and The Incense Road, a culinary narrative tracing ancient trade routes.

Mons Catering's repertoire includes partnerships with iconic events such as Red Sea Global's Celebration of Women in film festival and the GQ Men of the Year Awards in Riyadh. Additionally, they've curated F&B and events strategies for prominent venues like Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

In the UAE, Mons Catering orchestrated the immersive Hai Ramadan activation at Expo City Dubai, featuring communal iftars, food trucks, and pop-up restaurants helmed by Dubai's top chefs, delivering an unforgettable Ramadan experience.

With an in-house team of skilled chefs and access to Expo City Dubai's premier F&B offerings, Mons Catering crafts bespoke menus tailored to clients' desires. Clients can host events in exquisite restaurant venues or choose from a range of captivating event spaces across Expo City Dubai.

Simon Wright, Founder & Chairman of TGP International, expresses enthusiasm for Mons Catering's launch, emphasizing its role as the official catering partner for Expo City Dubai and COP28 UAE, symbolizing a monumental milestone in the UAE's history.

Hicham Hankir, Country Manager at Mons Catering, echoes this sentiment, aiming to set a new standard in Middle Eastern catering by curating extraordinary menus and delivering unparalleled dining experiences.

Mons Catering invites guests to indulge in its festive menu, featuring delicacies like Truffle foie gras, Robata grill specialties, and gluten-free chocolate treats, promising a shared dining experience that is bold, vibrant, and utterly unique.

Experience culinary brilliance with Mons Catering at Expo City Dubai, where every bite tells a story of excellence and innovation.