talabat unveils UAE’s most ordered food and grocery items in 2021 – and you’ll be surprised!

  • Jan. 9, 2022
talabat unveils UAE’s most ordered food and grocery items in 2021 – and you’ll be surprised!

Throughout the entirety of 2021, talabat, the region’s leading food and q-commerce delivery platform, has been there for its customers – any time, anywhere. Here’s a rundown of orders on talabat in the UAE in 2021, and some fun facts!

The numbers are in – and french fries has conquered all in 2021

Looking at the most popular food items ordered in 2021, french fries conquered all – reigning supreme in the region over other delicious items like chicken sandwiches, burgers, potato wedges and even pizza.

Everyone did their best to stay a bit healthier last year, with fruits and vegetables taking the lead as the most ordered grocery items on talabat Mart (tMart) in the UAE and across the region!

talabat customers have been ordering more fruits and vegetables in 2021, with many choosing to place their last minute grocery orders from tMart at around 8:00 pm to finish their day with a filled fridge!

Only morning coffee runs? Not really, you showed us that coffee is also popular in the evenings for that after-work kick! That’s right! We discovered that many talabat customers in the UAE tend to place their orders at around 8:00pm, indulging in their love of coffee after work!

While burgers surprisingly didn’t make it to the top five most ordered food items in the UAE, Abu Dhabi residents seem to enjoy burgers the most.

Abu Dhabi ordered the most burgers in the Emirates in 2021. We now know where the burger connoisseurs are!

Oreo ice cream for dessert? Our findings show that this was the UAE’s most popular dessert item in 2021.

We found that customers in the UAE absolutely love cold desserts all year round, making oreo ice cream the most popular dessert item on talabat!

The UAE’s favorite sauces are in and the numbers don’t lie – garlic mayo and barbecue sauce for the win!

When in doubt, add more garlic! That seems to be the motto for customers in the UAE, with garlic mayo coming out on top as the UAE’s favorite sauce, and barbecue sauce following not far behind.

Pizza and bananas were the most ordered food and grocery items on New Year’s Eve 2021. Here’s how the UAE rang in 2022.

Customers did not forget to order their fruits for their first healthy breakfast of the new year. Banana was the most ordered tMart grocery item on New Year’s Eve 2021which is surprisingly the most ordered New Year’s Eve tMart grocery item for the second year in a row!

As for the most ordered food item on talabat this New Year’s Eve, people proved that sharing is caring with extra large pizza orders for their celebrations with family and friends.

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