Surprising,Natural and Vegan: HERZA Schokolade Presents Three Ideas with Extra Value.

  • Dec. 19, 2022
Surprising,Natural and Vegan: HERZA Schokolade Presents Three Ideas with Extra Value.

At BIOFACH 2023, the exhibitor HERZA Schokolade will emphasize three themes: organic vegan, natural sweetness, and food matching. This expert in little chocolate bits offers innovative variation for muesli, snacks, ice cream, and baked goods with its three organic product lines. Visitors to a trade show may learn more about them at the HERZA exhibit (9-435d).

Alternatives to milk and white chocolate that are organic and vegan

The demand for milk and white chocolate alternatives that are organic and vegan continues to rise. The greatest difficulty is achieving the typical creamy and milky flavor, which HERZA has accomplished with its new products. These organic vegan alternatives to milk chocolate are derived from sunflower protein and are available in taste combinations with amaranth or salted caramel, as well as Double Chips with a brown covering and white center. The base of HERZA's organic vegan white chocolate alternatives is oat flour. In the white chocolate with coffee nibs, vanilla caramel, and lemon grass matcha variants, they offer new product concepts for the burgeoning plant-based industry.

Natural sugar substitutes

More and more people choose items that do not include white sugar, whether they are health meals such as muesli or sweets such as ice cream, desserts, snacks, or baked goods. Consumers want alternative sweeteners, preferably derived from natural substances. A good example is coconut blossom sugar, whose malty, caramel-like aromas complement chocolate nicely. This is shown by HERZA's new "Inspired by nature" organic product range. This chocolate confection has a wide variety of fruit and crisp components. Banana flakes, for instance, provide a distinctive crunch to creamy milk chocolate leaves, while sour cherry powder imparts a unique, slightly tart fruit flavor to dark chocolate leaves. There are a total of eight possible combinations.

Another example is the new organic date chocolate, which comprises just three ingredients and hence satisfies consumer demand for items with clean labels. This 50% cocoa dark chocolate is composed of cocoa mass, date powder, and cocoa butter. The natural date powder, composed of 100% dried and finely crushed dates, imparts a delicate fruitiness. Dates are a healthful sugar replacement and a significant source of fiber. This versatile organic date chocolate is perfect for muesli, snack mixtures, healthy baked goods, and items for children.

Alternative flavor sensations derived from food pairing

Food pairing continues to be a trend in haute cuisine. This mixes foods that do not seem to go together at first appearance, such as dark chocolate with spinach, white chocolate and caviar, or chocolate muffins with bleu cheese. These pairings are not arbitrary. They are based on the common flavors of the matched items, as established by scientific study, and they serve as a springboard for the production of unique dishes. HERZA has created three distinct organic chocolate compositions for cereal, ice cream, and snack mixes: thick milk chocolate leaves with a coffee caramel note, white

chocolate pieces with strawberry and lemon grass, and dark chocolate leaves with cardamom and rum. Visitors at BIOFACH in Nürnberg may get further information at the HERZA stand (9-435d).