• Jan. 5, 2023

Slow Wine Fair, the first worldwide wine expo devoted to excellent, clean, and fair wine, comes to BolognaFiere from Sunday, February 26, to Tuesday, February 28, 2023 for its second edition.

It is organized by BolognaFiere and SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products, under the artistic direction of Slow Food, and promotes wines that are the result of sustainable agriculture, which has as its watchwords biodiversity, the protection of the agricultural landscape, the prudent use of its resources, the cultural and social growth of farming communities, and raising consumer awareness.

Hundreds of Italian and international wineries and over 3,000 labels will be on display: wines that are not only good, clean, and fair, in accordance with the Slow Wine Coalition's principles, but also organic – thanks to the partner FederBio – and of the highest quality, as chosen by an international commission.

In addition to tastings and seminars with producers, conferences and forums, the latest spirits, distillates, liqueurs, and bitters are not to be missed. Indeed, BolognaFiere holds the third Fiera dell'Amaro d'Italia, sponsored by Amaroteca and ANADI. Producers of distinction introduce their bitters to the public by explaining their tale, which is rooted in a lengthy heritage and utilizes regional ingredients and methods.

New additions include a section for sustainability partners that provide new technical solutions, tools, and services to the wine industry.

All of these aspects make the Slow Wine Fair an event that stands out among Italian and worldwide wine fairs for its great content and range of wineries, allowing professionals to do business and wine connoisseurs to expand their palates.

Slow Wine Fair is a b2b event for professionals in the Horeca and large-scale retail sector, but wine enthusiasts are invited on Sunday, February 26 in the afternoon at BolognaFiere.