Sidel introduces a PET bottle for liquid dairy products that is incredibly light and compact.

  • Nov. 23, 2023
Sidel introduces a PET bottle for liquid dairy products that is incredibly light and compact.

The new Sidel PET bottle is intended to give producers of liquid dairy products a stronger competitive edge.

This mini-size is perfect for both ambient and cold chain processes and is designed for goods like drinking and probiotic yoghurts with capacities ranging from 65 to 150 ml. Applications for the bottle would also be appropriate in the juice, nectar, soft drink, isotonics, and tea industries.

According to Sidel's Packaging Innovator Leader Laurent Naveau, "this new format has been launched to support the liquid dairy product industry, where the use of PET packaging has increasingly become an attractive alternative." This bottle, which is a component of Sidel's ongoing packaging optimization program, is intended to save expenses and greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously providing manufacturers with great production performance and new marketing options.

enhanced cost-effectiveness and sustainability

The increased sustainability credentials of PET can help producers, as demonstrated by Sidel's new ultra-light bottle. It's the only food grade bottle-to-bottle recycled plastic available, and it's also the least expensive plastic available.

Manufacturers can save costs by up to 40% by switching from polystyrene to PET and by 20% by switching from HDPE (high density polyethylene) to PET.

According to Laurent Naveau, "With just 3.9g for a 100ml extended shelf-life bottle and 5.4g for a 100ml aseptic bottle achieved through a dedicated preform design, our new size has the best-in-class bottle weight." This novel preform design allows for a low blowing pressure of less than 15 bars and is qualified for 100% rPET content. Sidel has introduced a new PET mini-bottle that is compatible with a variety of safe and practical capping techniques, ensuring producers complete product integrity.

Innovative shelf appeal

The market for yogurt and probiotics alone was estimated to be worth USD 86.87 billion in 2022, and it is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 9.3% between 2023 and 2030. In a competitive market, manufacturers are searching more and more for methods to make their products stand out on the shelf.

The new ultra-small bottle comes with a variety of creative alternatives, such as various shapes and sizes, the ability to consume in single or multiple servings, the use of transparent or white PET, a variety of patterns and textures, and an extensive selection of bottle necks and caps. Additionally, it works with sleeves or roll-fed labeling.

Excellent work

Based on a specially created preform, Sidel's new ultra-small bottle guarantees a broad process window even with smaller heating zones. This provides the best possible material distribution, ensuring maximum bottle performance.

"Sidel's packaging experts have developed a preform that achieves great bottle quality," says Laurent Naveau. Because of the precise material distribution on the bottle, even at lower blowing pressure and with less material, its performance is guaranteed. We can't wait to collaborate with manufacturers of liquid dairy products to fully implement our new, incredibly light and compact design line.

Whole-line solutions

Building on more than 40 years of expertise working with and assisting manufacturers in this sector, Sidel provides a full line solution for sensitive and liquid dairy products.

The company's Aseptic Combi PredisTM FMa, the easiest and fastest aseptic solution on the market with dry preform decontamination, is compatible with the new bottle size.  It provides a safe, hygienic, and economical method of packing delicate goods to guarantee excellent flavor and an extended shelf life while using the least amount of water and chemicals possible.

In a similar vein, the bottle can also be produced at high rates of up to 66,000 bottles per hour.