rience French Riviera Elegance: Bâoli'Expes Arrival at J1 Beach Dubai in September 2024

  • March 18, 2024
rience French Riviera Elegance: Bâoli'Expes Arrival at J1 Beach Dubai in September 2024

Dubai's upcoming hotspot, J1 Beach at La Mer, is set to elevate its allure with the debut of the prestigious Bâoli, scheduled to open its doors in September 2024. This exclusive addition is a collaborative venture between Sunset Hospitality Group (SHG), Nohm Hospitality, and Downtown Ventures, bringing a touch of French Riviera charm to the vibrant city.

Originating from Cannes, France, Bâoli brings its unique blend of South East Asian and French influences to Dubai, following successful establishments in Miami since 2008. This fusion of cultures and cuisines promises an unparalleled dining and social experience.

Led by the culinary expertise of chef Omar Basiony, renowned for his contributions to Dubai's culinary scene at establishments like Zuma and Park Hyatt, Bâoli's menu will showcase coastal French and Mediterranean flavors infused with East Asian techniques, ensuring a gastronomic journey like no other.

Guillaume Ferraz, SHG's MD of Daylife, expressed excitement about Bâoli's addition, highlighting its role as a hub for socializing and relaxation, merging East Asian vibrancy with French sophistication.

With a VIP lounge, VIP bar, and lavish interiors featuring luxurious textures and patterns, Bâoli creates an inviting atmosphere for guests. The outdoor "petal terrace" adds to the charm, providing a delightful setting for al fresco dining.

Sanjeev Nanda, MD of Downtown Ventures, noted Dubai's allure as the perfect location for Bâoli's expansion, building on its success in Cannes and Miami. The collaboration with SHG reflects their commitment to delivering world-class hospitality experiences.

Transforming into a vibrant late-night destination, Bâoli will offer entertainment by DJs and live acts, with a 'speakeasy' room featuring a curated mix of music genres, ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests.



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