Remedy’s drinks to obtain a naturally soft skin

  • July 22, 2022
Remedy’s drinks to obtain a naturally soft skin

Remedy, a beverage company, has introduced a new line of prebiotic soft drinks that are completely natural and sugar-free at Woolworths stores all throughout the country.

The “Sodaly” line includes six fruit-based flavors: lime, bitters, orange, passionfruit, raspberry, guava, and lemon.

ACV, which contains a gut-friendly prebiotic and supports immunity and skin health as well as digestion, is the foundation of the new line.

According to Remedy MD Chris Gillard, the company conducted extensive market research to make sure its most recent product will suit the shifting demands of customers.

“People want foods with outstanding flavor, little to no sugar, and those they can trust are all-natural, ideally with added functional advantages. When it comes to Remedy Sodaly, they believe they are disproving the myth that you can’t have it all.

The beverages may be purchased individually for $3 and in packs of four for $8. They are currently offered online, in all Woolworths shops, and other independent grocers.