REALLY Crunchy Fries at Gulfood 2023

  • Feb. 7, 2023
REALLY Crunchy Fries at Gulfood 2023

 Lamb Weston / Meijer, the world leading brand in high quality potato products, is set to launch its latest potato innovation; REALLY Crunchy Fries at the upcoming Gulfood at the Dubai World Trade Centre on February 20th. Created to satisfy growing demand for unique sensory dining experiences and sustainably-minded quality ingredients, these ground-breaking coated fries promise an unbeatable long-lasting crunch sensation that no other fry can rival.

Developed exclusively for the OOH channel, REALLY Crunchy Fries are designed for the next era of dining out, appealing to diners that want the very best food experiences, and the entrepreneurial operators seeking to serve them.

When choosing to eat out, 1 in 2 diners across EMEA want food experiences they can’t get anywhere else^ and right now 75% of diners crave indulgent foods that offer sensory pleasure as a means to boost their mental wellbeing and make them feel happier.

Meanwhile, EMEA operators want added-value products that offer a ‘wow factor’ moment for their guests, whether they are seeking a memorable in-restaurant experience, or expecting restaurant-quality food as a takeaway or home delivery. On top of this, operators need product solutions that are elegantly simple, reliable and efficient in every type of kitchen. Altogether this creates a need for a new generation of fries that makes REALLY Crunchy Fries stand out for all the right reasons.

Lamb Weston / Meijer’s EMEA Marketing Director, Lorenzo Gardelli, says; “Expectations on foodservice operators have never been higher. Guests want to be wowed like never before and every element of a dish needs to deliver a great quality, sensory experience that goes beyond just taste! Our industry-leading innovations in frozen fries over the past 25 years have created a legacy for world-famous potato solutions in quality, taste and heat-holding capabilities, but now the time is right to elevate the fry experience to a new standard in indulgent, sensory potato enjoyment!”