Quaker's Innovative Move: Beyond Breakfast Strategy in India

  • Jan. 8, 2024
Quaker's Innovative Move: Beyond Breakfast Strategy in India

Quaker in India is charting a new course in innovation, introducing a range of oat-based products aimed at expanding its retail footprint. The recent launch of instant oats signifies Quaker's strategic shift, targeting not only health-conscious breakfast consumers but also appealing to those seeking nutritious snacks during breaktime.

The availability of instant oats in various retail outlets, from modern trade outlets to local stores, showcases PepsiCo's comprehensive approach. The brand is also directing its focus toward e-commerce and major quick-commerce platforms, aiming to capture a diverse audience interested in flavored oats and those seeking healthy snacking alternatives.

Sravani Babu, Associate Director and Category Lead at Quaker, PepsiCo India, highlights the evolving consumer preferences for healthy breaktime options. She emphasizes the brand's commitment, stating, "We're not just offering a healthy breakfast but also a nutritious breaktime snack for our consumers. We are pivoting to focus not only on breakfast occasions but also on breaktime occasions."

The strategic retail approach includes the brand's entry into local kirana stores with smaller product sizes. Babu explains, "With instant oats and smaller sizes, we can offer an instant three-minute snacking option for consumers, making it more accessible in local convenience stores. Larger packs will continue to be available in modern trade, e-commerce platforms, and independent stores."

Quaker's aggressive expansion strategy aligns with its broader vision for the Indian market. After the successful introduction of Muesli and Multigrain products in 2023, the three-minute instant oats proposition aims to position Quaker as a go-to healthy snacking option beyond traditional breakfast hours.

Babu emphasizes, "Our expansion strategy in India focuses on becoming a healthy snacking option at different times, such as during the midday break. We are aggressive across all channels, tailoring our content and messaging strategies to suit the diverse preferences of consumers in different retail spaces."

PepsiCo's strong push for Quaker's growth in India aligns with the increasing popularity of the breakfast category post-COVID. Quaker, synonymous with oats, aims to capitalize on this trend, anticipating sustained growth in the future.