Prinova Invites Manufacturers to Begin their Product Journey with a Click of a Mouse

  • Dec. 3, 2022
Prinova Invites Manufacturers to Begin their Product Journey with a Click of a Mouse

Prinova Europe demonstrates its ability to provide comprehensive product solutions via an interactive touchscreen and an expert-led information station at Food ingredients Europe.

Using the touchscreen, visitors will be able to access information about the 2,000 products offered by Prinova, download them directly to their smartphones via QR code, and discuss solutions with product, technical, and marketing specialists at the information station.

Everyone who uses the touchscreen and leaves their information will be entered into a drawing for a brand-new iPad of the tenth generation.

James Street, Director of Marketing EMEA & APAC at Prinova Europe, stated, "The interactive touchscreen and information station are a great way to demonstrate how we support our customers on every step of their Prinova journey, from concept to completion and value creation. They illustrate the wealth of product expertise, market knowledge, and infrastructure available through our one-stop-shop solution, ensuring the security, stability, and confidence in supply that customers require in a volatile and uncertain world."

Prinova will also showcase a variety of innovative food and beverage concepts that demonstrate its dedication to assisting manufacturers in meeting consumer demand for clean-label products with enhanced functionality and optimal flavor.

These consist of:

TrehaTM is a natural sugar that improves freeze-thaw stability and inhibits starch retrogradation in the rice dough, preventing the dough from drying out and ensuring that these trendy desserts remain soft and chewy.

Yuzu & Ginger EAAlphaTM Boomer Boost is a healthy aging beverage intended to prevent the age-related decline of muscle function. In clinical trials, EEAlphaTM accelerated the healing of knee and hip injuries when compared to conventional care.

Strawberry & Elderberry Beauty Boost is a collagen drink formulated with marine collagen and eight essential vitamins and minerals, which provide a structural protein and nutrient blend that nourishes the skin, hair, and nails from the inside out.

Pina Colada Body Boost, a beverage made with clinically researched marine-sourced Aquamin calcium and magnesium to support normal energy-yielding metabolism, as well as natural caffeine and AlphaTeaTM – a branded L-theanine derived from green tea extract that helps to reduce stress and, when combined with caffeine, enhances cognition.

James Street added, "Research indicates that 70% of global consumers believe it's important for food and drink to be 100% natural1, which is consistent with our observations – there is a growing emphasis on plant-based ingredients and a desire for functional, natural products.