Oats and Fava Beans are Included in the Newest Plant-Based Beverage from Nestlé.

  • April 24, 2023
Oats and Fava Beans are Included in the Newest Plant-Based Beverage from Nestlé.

The newest plant-based product innovation from Nestlé is a milk substitute with a distinctive oat and fava combination and high nutritional content.

The plant-based milk substitute has 5g of protein per serving and all the essential amino acids that the body needs in order to produce high-quality protein by mixing oat and fava. Additionally, the beverage is ideal for any time of day on its own, in a smoothie, or with cereal because to the mild, nutty flavor and smooth texture that come from the fava and oat.

We are investigating the use of fava beans in various kinds of plant-based substitutes since they are an excellent source of protein, according to Christoph Bolten, head of the Nestlé Institute of Food Sciences. We chose the fava bean kind while producing the product since it would provide the most comprehensive nutritious components to the recipe.

Nestlé provides a large selection of vegan goods manufactured from peas, rice, oats, soy, coconut, and almonds. The R&D team at Nestlé is also investigating the next generation of plant-based products, such as fava, while taking various functional, dietary, and sustainability factors into account. The company's plant and food experts cultivate and choose palatable, nutrient-dense pulse types that are most suited for various plant-based substitutes.

According to Daniel Jhung, President of Beverage at Nestlé USA, "As demand for plant-based beverages grows, we're thrilled to expand our natural bliss portfolio beyond the creamer aisle and introduce our first-ever ready-to-drink Oat Milk." We are aware that our customers are looking for products that are both tasty and healthy, and this one meets their needs with a first-to-market oat and fava bean protein blend that provides more protein than the leading oat milk brand, less sugar than dairy milk, and a variety of ways to enjoy it throughout the day.