ISHIDA Unveils the Benefits of Automation

  • Jan. 9, 2023
ISHIDA Unveils the Benefits of Automation

The primary focus of Ishida East Africa's involvement in the Propak East Africa 2023 show will be automated solutions that may assist African businesses maximize potential in both domestic and export markets.

Ishida will display its most recent innovations in weighing, packing, and quality control equipment, as companies must enhance efficiency and throughput to stay competitive while providing the high-quality goods that merchants and end-consumers want.

Ishida's solutions allow firms of any size to decrease expenses, minimize waste, and boost speed, efficiency, and uniformity in the food packaging process, all while maintaining a competitive price point and combining a number of innovative features for increased performance. This allows them to maximize yields while providing clients with the greatest quality packaging.

Visitors will be able to see the equipment in operation, and Ishida specialists will be available to discuss specific client needs.

X-ray inspection systems can play a crucial role in enabling businesses to meet the stringent quality compliance standards of various countries by conducting a thorough inspection of each package, including identification of damaged product or packaging or missing items, estimation of weight and counting of components.

Ishida will display the IX-EN-4093-S entry-level X-ray inspection system, which combines exceptional sensitivity with low running costs, as part of its entire quality control range. The device is equipped with Ishida's proprietary Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing technology, which provides greater inspection sensitivity. It can consistently identify foreign objects such as steel, aluminum, tin, glass, stones, thick rubber, plastic, bones, and shells for unparalleled food safety in a vast array of packaged and unpackaged food items.

A further feature of the exhibit will be a full packaging line for snacks, which will provide producers with a single-source solution for producing precisely weighed, high-quality packets swiftly and economically. Ishida's CHW & ASPEC Snacks Packing System is crucial to this. The affordable and dependable weigher and bagmaker combo uses Ishida's tried-and-true multihead weighing and bagmaking technologies to give an investment with a typical payback period of less than one year.

The system delivers weighing and bagging rates of up to 90 packs per minute at a high level of efficiency and with almost no product and film waste. It can handle free-flowing snack items such as chips, almonds, and seeds packaged in pillow, gusseted, block bottom, and perforated cut bags. The sanitary, easy-to-clean design facilitates user-friendly operation and quick, straightforward product changes.

Ishida has a specialized office in Nairobi to assist East African businesses with sales, service, and spare parts support.