India’s most loved Mother’s Recipe makes its presence felt in the UAE and is ready to take over the country by storm

  • March 29, 2022
India’s most loved Mother’s Recipe makes its presence felt in the UAE and is ready to take over the country by storm

Mother’s Recipe, India’s biggest ethnic cuisine category brand, has announced its participation in
the prestigious Indian Pavilion at World Expo 2020 Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
from October 1 to March 31, 2022. It is a well-known Indian FMCG brand representing Indian
cuisine at the World Expo 2020 pavilion. In the world’s largest cultural event, the brand will
feature roughly 50 products.
Mother’s Recipe delivers a traditional taste of Indian cuisine to the United Arab Emirates, rich in
culture, spices, and flavor. Pickles, Ready to Cook Spice Mixes, Instant Mixes, Delicious
Chutneys, and Papad are just a few of the products that provide you the authentic taste of Indian
food with a long history. Mother’s Recipe has teamed up with Sanjeev Kapoor’s famed cuisine
chain, which features an exclusive café called ‘Khana Khazana,’ where locals, ex-pats, and
visitors may sample and buy their favorite items. Visitors can also purchase meal kits that
include packaged pickles.
The Executive Director of Mother’s Recipe, Ms. Sanjana Desai, said, “We are extremely proud to
be one among the first in the FMCG category to be part of world-renowned Expo 2020 Dubai to
showcase our products to the local, ex-pat and multi-cultural tourists. Our presence would add
value to the visitor experience at the Indian Pavilion. UAE is known to be home to many ex-pats
and through our presence, at the Expo 2020, we aim to offer our visitors a taste of India through
our products that are packed with the highest quality ingredients using traditional recipes”.
The company caters to various forms, including mom-and-pop shops, modern trade outlets,
multi-functional outlets, e-commerce, Defense, and Hotel Restaurants & Cafes (HORECA) /
Food Service outlets, through its extensive distribution network across the country. The company
is one of the world’s major exporters of traditional and genuine Indian cuisine, with products sold
in over 45 countries. Indian Pickles, Spices, Chutneys, Papadams, Cooking Pastes, Curry
Powders, Ready to Cook products, Indian Meals, Ready to Eat products (Canned & Retort
packaging), Chutneys, Canned Vegetables, Mango Pulp are all part of the Mother’s Recipe
product line.
The company ensures that only the highest quality ingredients and production standards are used
to create the products, consistently delivering the flavor of love.

The Food Division’s objective is to become the leading authority in the ethnic food industry.
Resources are being allocated to increase manufacturing capacity, brand building, and supply
chain management in order to achieve this aim. And the vision as a leading quality manufacturer
is to expand globally and become known as an Indian household name worldwide. As the brand
shows promise and integrity, it is bound to grow professionally worldwide.