IFFA 2022: New plant-based VITATEX® textures are suitable for a variety of vegetarian and vegan applications Wheat, peas, and soybeans.

  • June 10, 2022
IFFA 2022: New plant-based VITATEX® textures are suitable for a variety of vegetarian and vegan applications Wheat, peas, and soybeans.

At this year’s IFFA, GoodMills Innovation presented the VITATEX® series of vegetable textures based on wheat, pea, and soy proteins. This new range enables the authentic reproduction of different meat concepts and can be processed in existing plants without major investments or modifications.

The industry is looking for solutions

The interest of the industry was palpable at the GoodMills innovation stand, which was designed in the style of a vegetarian butcher’s shop. Stand visitors were impressed by the authentic taste and meat-like texture of the plant-based alternatives, which perfectly imitate burgers, chicken nuggets, and schnitzel. Katharina Ursula Haack, Product Manager for VITATEX®, commented: “We exhibited at the IFFA for the first time this year and were pleasantly surprised at how open the trade visitors were to plant-based meat alternatives. We had many interesting conversations with people from the butcher industry who have recognized the development of the market and want to meet their customers’ needs even better. Our textures are specifically aimed at the growing number of flexitarians. Just think of a standard
family table: not everyone eats the same; Some like meat while others prefer vegans. Our ingredients are aimed at butchers and meat processors looking for new, easy-to-implement solutions.”

Convincing texture

While the demand for vegetarian or vegan meat applications is high, the consumer only accepts products with a convincing taste and texture. Sensorially, VITATEX® products are characterized by their fibrous, meat-like, and adaptable texture and nutritionally by their high protein content.

About GoodMills Innovation GmbH

GoodMills Innovation develops clean label ingredients based on cereals and legumes for a wide range of applications in the food, bakery, snack, and nutritional supplement industries as well as in artisan bakeries. The goal is always to combine maximum enjoyment with one or more additional benefits: the health of the consumer (selected dietary fibers and an improved NutriScore), a sustainable planet (meat substitute), or more economical production (active exploitation of savings potential). ).

In the continuous search for innovative raw materials and technologies, the company is always guided by four leitmotifs: GOOD NUTRITION includes the portfolio of health-promoting ingredients, GOOD DECISION includes sustainable solutions for the plant-based market, GOOD TASTE includes ingredients that improve the health of sensory profile of food and GOOD VALUE focuses on cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or taste. With his knowledge along the entire value chain, from raw material procurement and processing to understanding the needs of markets and consumers, the grain expert supports its customers with innovative product concepts, tailor-made solutions, and competent advice on applications, food law, and marketing issues. As part of the GoodMills Group, the largest milling company in Europe, GoodMills Innovation stands for the highest quality, (supply) security, sustainability, and innovation.