Hayatna Wants To Improve UAE Food Security.

  • Aug. 23, 2022
Hayatna Wants To Improve UAE Food Security.

Hayatna, a recently introduced brand, provides a broad array of dairy products that are manufactured entirely in the UAE. This homegrown brand falls under EFI (Emirates Food Industries) and seeks to play a significant part in the UAE’s food security agenda by helping to position the nation as a global leader in innovation-driven food security.

Currently, a significant portion of the dairy and beverage products sector in the United Arab Emirates is largely dependent on imports. The company intends to significantly reduce this proportion from its present level and match it with the country’s objective of obtaining a rate of 50 percent by 2051.

“Controlling and sustaining the supply chain is crucial for us, particularly given the present food supply challenges. To secure our viability in the UAE market and beyond, our goal and main emphasis is to increase our capabilities via innovation and product development. In addition, enhance and maintain control over the whole value chain to guarantee sustainable food supply in the UAE.” Wasfi Kaso, the CEO of EFI, said.

In Al Ain, EFI operates two farms and a factory, with a herd of over 6,000 animals producing more than 31 million litres of fresh milk annually. Kaso continued, “As a locally created business, we guarantee high-quality items, particularly given our supply chain’s emphasis on locally cultivated goods.”

Hatatna offers flavoured and unflavored fresh milk in addition to foreign items such as Pot Yogurt & Labaan, Chaas Lassi, Greek yoghurt, cream, spreadable cheese, and Mozzarella cheese.

Hayatna provides a variety of Ethnic items designed to appeal to the tastes and preferences of a diverse ethnic client base. The dairy products are particularly made based on popular taste and historic values, with a contemporary touch.

The dairy products business is one of the market’s most competitive segments. Adding value to a product will be the deciding factor for buyers. With their Dairy Farms and Local Production, Hayatna aims to supply the highest quality goods to the UAE’s people so that they may significantly decrease their dependency on imports and become the brand of choice.

Hayatna dairy products are the first step in the introduction of a complete line of high-quality goods that will prioritise customer health and well-being. Keeping in mind the FSC of UAE’s established strategies and rules.