Grand Mercure Hotel has been Upgraded To Five-Star

  • Feb. 1, 2023
Grand Mercure Hotel has been Upgraded To Five-Star


After just four years after it initially opened its doors, the Grand Mercure Hotel & Residences Dubai has been elevated to the prestigious five-star grade.

"We are happy to welcome visitors to experience Grand Mercure Hotel Dubai, which is 'locally exquisite and exquisitely local,'" said Tyrone Lodder, cluster GM of Grand Mercure Hotel Dubai. "This is something that the brand is famous for across the globe," Lodder said.

"What differentiates the Grand Mercure Hotel Dubai from other upscale hotels is its holistic approach to design and hospitality, which is infused with a deep cultural sensitivity of the rich heritage of the UAE," added Lodder. "This allows the hotel to pay homage to the UAE's history in a way that is both tasteful and respectful." "From the time that visitors enter the resort, they are transported on a multi-sensory adventure that immerses and awakens all five of their senses. Every aspect, from the visual design to the aromas, has been meticulously considered and executed in order to provide an unrivaled, 360-degree experience that is really one of a kind.

What exactly does it imply for a hotel to get the rating of "five stars"?

What does it signify when a hotel has a rating of five stars? Many individuals have the mistaken belief that the answer is entirely connected to the presence of marble floors or gold leaf since they hear the question and immediately jump to that conclusion. In all honesty, the categorization of hotels is determined by following a very detailed checklist that takes into account a wide range of factors, including service, room size, working hours, health and safety, cleaning, a variety of services, and even floral arrangements.

The government of Dubai maintains official checklists for each and every hotel in the city, ranging from one-star accommodations all the way up to five-star resorts. The "scores" given to hotels in Dubai are determined by three distinct factors: licensing standards (L), operating standards (O), and enhancing standards (E) (E). Any amenities or services that are included on the check list will correspond to one of these three criteria.

Hotels are required to meet all licensing regulations; failure to do so may result in the hotel's closure or a reduction in the number of stars it has been awarded.

In addition, each and every operational requirement must be satisfied, although a grace period may be provided if less than ten operating standards are satisfied; this would give hotels the opportunity to make amends.

A grace period for rectification is offered to hotels if they only apply forty percent of these requirements, despite the fact that hotels are obliged to fulfill at least fifty percent of the improving standards. When a hotel's total contribution falls below forty percent, the possibility of a rating reduction arises.