Exploring the Success of Hydrosol's Stabimuls MRH Range: A Hidden Champion in the Food Market

  • March 18, 2024
Exploring the Success of Hydrosol's Stabimuls MRH Range: A Hidden Champion in the Food Market

Mayonnaise has long been a beloved addition to salads, sandwiches, and burgers, adding that special touch to dishes worldwide. The Hydrosol Stabimuls MRH range has emerged as a hidden champion in the food market, offering stabilizing systems for mayonnaise and mayo sauces with varying fat contents that have been bestsellers for two decades.

Hydrosol Team Lead Product Management Katharina Burdorf highlights the demand for established and proven systems in the market, emphasizing the importance of safety in ingredients like powdered egg yolk that undergo strict quality controls.

The Stabimuls MRH range includes 18 different systems, each tailored to specific food laws and customer preferences, allowing for the creation of mayo sauces to suit various tastes and requirements across more than a dozen countries.

These stabilizing systems are full compounds designed for different fat contents, ranging from 25-35 percent to 60-70 percent, comprising powdered egg yolk, modified starch, and hydrocolloids. They are easily producible on standard mixing equipment, offering flexibility in recipe customization with ingredients like vegetable oil, water, vinegar, sugar, herbs, and spices.

Katharina Burdorf highlights the flexibility of these systems in producing regional specialties and cost-effective recipes by adjusting fat content. Despite variations in fat levels, the resulting mayonnaise and mayo sauce products maintain a creamy texture, gleaming appearance, and pleasant consistency.



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