Enwave-DCl deal expands dairy snack production

  • July 6, 2022
Enwave-DCl deal expands dairy snack production

EnWave, recently made an announcement stating that that Dairy Concepts IRL (“DCI”), who happens to be a rising star in the field of inventive dairy snacks had signed an Equipment Purchase Agreement (widely known as the “Agreement”) to purchase a third 10kW REVTM dehydration machine for use in industry at Moorepark Technology Limited (aka the “MTL” facility ) in Cork, Ireland.

In September 2020, DCI and EnWave had agreed to a royalty-bearing commercial licence agreement (popularly termed as, the “License”) that gave EnWave processing rights for a variety of all-natural, savoury and sweet, shelf-stable dairy snacks. Furthermore, DCI has established a business partnership with MTL, a top supplier of commercial pilot plant and research services for clients in the food industry, to expedite initial REV processing. DCI and MTL have joined hands to work together and launch innovative dairy-based products on the European market by fusing cutting-edge technology with a food innovation strategy.

A 10kW REV™ machine that MTL had earlier purchased from EnWave in September 2019 has being used for business purposes by DCI since September 2020. EnWave has supplied a second 10kW REV™ machine to DCI in March 2021 so as to increase DCI’s manufacturing capacity at the MTL plant, as well as the installation of a third 10kW REV™ machine will further help in boosting output at the MTL site.

For the manufacturing of CheeseO’s and its premium speciality cheese brand Moorepark (https://www.moorepark.ie/), DCI will utilise all three of the currently installed REV machines at MTL.With the manufacturing of dried cheese and snacks that resemble cheese in Ireland and the UK, DCI is extending its market presence. They will try to make substantial investment to increase REV capacity yet further.