Dubai Municipality opens a produce and fruit market called “Bloom Market”.

  • July 25, 2023
Dubai Municipality opens a produce and fruit market called “Bloom Market”.

A combined space for selling and buying fruits and vegetables, "Bloom Market" was today formally opened by His Excellency, Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality. The 66 thousand square meter market, which is situated in Dubai Fruit and Vegetable Market, offers the perfect setting for maintaining the goods' quality and safety. The market's launch fits in with the Municipality's initiatives to increase Dubai's allure by delivering crucial and integrated projects that guarantee quality of life.

"Bloom Market is one of Dubai Municipality's key projects, which aims to provide access to fresh products directly from the source, especially since the market will have only imported fruits that are not found in other markets, to establish itself as a distinctive shopping hub," said Mohammed Faraidooni, Director of the Markets at Dubai Municipality. Additionally, by offering investors items at the supplier's pricing, the Municipality hopes to improve the investment and economic prospects that are still open to them. The project also supports the Municipality's objective of creating tourist attractions, entertainment centers, and markets in the emirate, which will enhance Dubai's appeal and quality of life while assuring its economic growth.

The market is intended to be a comprehensive destination with state-of-the-art services and logistical infrastructure. Additionally, it offers premium products, has a section for organic products at affordable prices, adheres to international standards, and offers top-notch services to customers. Additionally, it uses cutting-edge technologies to ensure the quality and validity of vegetables and fruits in accordance with Dubai's food safety regulations.

The two-story market has three restaurants on the second floor in addition to over 600 booths and platforms on the first floor for the sale of regional goods and often imported fruits and vegetables. The first floor of the market has over 400 parking spaces.

Additionally, the market provides a variety of logistics services to make shopping easier, such as staff members who help with shopping carts, transport large purchases to customers' cars, provide in-market parking, and offer cleaning services to lessen traffic and make shopping easy and convenient.