DalterFood Group Introduces Vegetarian Cheese

  • Sept. 28, 2022
DalterFood Group Introduces Vegetarian Cheese

In honour of World Vegetarian Day, which will take place on October 1st, DalterFood Group is extending an open invitation to everyone to sample Spinoro, its vegetarian food product. It is a firm cheese with a fine gritty texture, a straw yellow colour, and an enveloping scent that is produced in Italy using high-quality cow’s milk from farms in the Po Valley. The cheese has a straw yellow colour. It is great for vegetarians owing to the usage of microbiological rennet, therefore it is not from animals. Spinoro is a fantastic choice for recipes that adhere to a specific recipe or that are manufactured on an industrial scale since it combines so well with other components.

Made without any preservatives and a traditional processing technique, it is a cheese with a delicate, aromatic fragrance, which is ideal for many purposes and combinations. DalterFood Group’s expertise helps satisfy the demands of diverse target customers, from catering operators to the food industry: the firm provides this cheese in various sized bits, flakes, cubes, fillets, slivers or grated, including in maxi size bags and trays. All of these items are packed in a protected environment without any drying processes: this helps keep the product fresh for longer and, once the pack is opened, unleashes all the scent of freshly cut cheese.

DalterFood Group is a partner that has its finger on the pulse of culinary trends, and as a result, it is able to provide a broad choice of goods. This is the case with Spinoro, just as it is the case with other exceptional items. World Vegetarian Day was created in 1977 to raise awareness of how important it is to choose a vegetarian diet for both ethical and health reasons. World Vegetarian Day serves as a constant reminder of the impact our dietary choices have on both our health and the environment.

According to the most recent research, 6% of Europeans are vegetarians, which is equivalent to about 45 million people. However, this figure is higher in countries that are at the top of the table, such as Germany and Sweden, where the percentage of vegetarians or vegans among citizens sits at 11% and 10%, respectively. The data confirms the ever-growing focus on this issue all over Europe. In general, the consumption of plant-based products has skyrocketed, but consumers are not being pigeonholed under a specific definition: in fact, more and more people are embracing “flexitarianism,” which is based on primarily eating plant-based foods, but does not exclude animal products from one’s diet.